Hi I’m Loretta

Hi! I’m Loretta, I’m a part time girl. Welcome to my blog. I’m sorry if it’s self-indulgent because I really only created it to get my head around…well me actually 🙂

You see, I’m transgender, and I’m still trying to understand what it all means. Some of you might identify me as a crossdresser, because there’s no way in hell that I’m going all the way like Caitlyn Jenner. That’s just not for me. I don’t want to do the drugs and I really don’t want surgery, so here I am, part time girl and part time boy. For me, it’s more than just the clothes though.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Caitlyn is absolutely awesome, and she’s opened so many doors for girls like me. Never have people ever been so transgender aware. So for the first time in forever (cue Anna in Frozen) I’ve been able to be free to be me.

I think I must be the most atypical transgender ever. I’m not gender dysphoric. I don’t hate being a boy. In fact there’s so much I love about it. The problem is that really, that’s only part of me.

So at the moment in my professional life, I’m a girl. And at home I’m a boy. Which as far as I can tell is exactly the opposite of what most of my sisters do. Go figure?

And I’ve been so lucky. Everyone at work has been so supportive it’s been amazing. I work in a small office where we all work together and while there was a hiccup at the start (that’s a whole other story which I’m sure I’ll post in the near future) they’ve all accepted me with open arms. And the whole experience has been fantastic! I… Am… So… Lucky!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Mardi-Gras!


Photo by Morgan Session


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