Lady of Leisure!


Lucky me! Work has been very busy for everyone recently. And so on Monday the boss said that everyone gets to take Friday off 🙂 That’s today! So for today only, I’m a lady of leisure.

What to do? What to do? Actually I didn’t think twice. I knew what I wanted to do as soon as we were told we had today off. I’d been wanting to do this for ages. So I made the call straight away to Chiquel to get my wigs cut and styled for me. After that……!

So here I am today. I got my wigs cut and styled by Tané at Chiquel and they look and feel so much better. They just blend in so much better with my real hair that I’m just blown away. And then there’s the one he cut so I can wear my hair up. Oh… My… God!, “Tané, You’re an absolute magician! Thank you! Thank you so much!” Needless to say, I will definitely be going back to Tané and Chiquel for my future wigs 🙂

So seeing as I’m here in Bondi Junction I thought a trip to the MAC store would be worth a look. I didn’t have an appointment but was hoping they might be free so I could get some foundation help (I so suck at makeup). Anyway they said they should be free in half an hour to help me. So I waited…. 40 minutes later I was still waiting. They told me to go get a coffee and come back. So I did. Only to find that they were now helping someone else. Sigh! Absolutely went from the high of the day to the low of the day. Wasted over an hour. I’m never going back to MAC……without an appointment. Oh well, shopping time 🙂

So where does a bargain hunting girl shop? Dfo of course, there’s so many places to check out, but now I only have half a day.

I’m a dotti girl. I love their skirts. I haven’t found anywhere else that has so many gorgeous box pleat skirts. And for a V-shaped girl like me, box pleat is a god-send. In fact today I’m wearing my favourite dotti skirt.


So going to dotti is a bit like looking in my wardrobe,”I’ve got those those burnt orange shorts… That cardy is in my bag. I’ve got that floral full circle skirt, and that bomber….” You get the idea?

“Oooh! So there’s that skirt I really wanted to buy online and it comes in a 10! Perfect!” Sadly it wasn’t perfect, I think I need to be supermodel height rather than my 167. Oh well, I’ll just have to rock the lacy, peach coloured box pleat skirt instead. And then some short sleeved, plain, ribbed tops. Black, mustard and teal. I wasn’t expecting it, but the teal top was a great match for my favourite dotti skirt. And these tops were a great shape for me too. Figure skimming rather than skin tight or comfortably loose. Fit and flare, that’s me.

Now, I’m the kind of girl who is a bit more confident about going out when I at least have foundation and lipstick on. Kind of helps with hiding the beard shadow, you know? But what does a girl do to stop getting makeup on every top or dress she tries on? I don’t know if it’s something other girls do but I took along a plastic fruit bag from the supermarket to pop over my head. It worked like a charm. Makeup in the bag, not on the clothes 🙂

I shopped til I dropped, and came away with lots of ideas but only added a denim pencil skirt from just jeans, and a tiny, white and black lace patterned card wallet from strandbag to my haul. And everything was actually on my hit list! I didn’t stray!

I almost fell for the gorgeous white, lace mermaid skirt in portmans. But I couldn’t think of where I would wear it. It certainly screamed nightwear. And really, I’m a daytime girl. And I need value out of my clothes, not a once off wear.

It was an awesome day. I’m not sure when I’ll get to do it again. I did come home with a war wound though. Blistered left heel. It only happened right at the end of my day. And it was strange because all day I was worried about my right heel and that ended up being fine. Note to self: must buy new black leather flats that can go all day.

The major downside for my day was that I couldn’t find a spring hair clip. While Tané’s work was amazing, something to draw attention away from my hairline would make it perfect. Can’t wait for my next day off 🙂

Title photo by Celia Michon

Favourite skirt photo from dotti



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