I’m a sister!


I’m a sister. And I have 3 sisters. Sadly though my eldest sister never got to meet Loretta. My whole family have been so accepting it’s been amazing! I… Am… So… Lucky! But that’s another story.

I’m also a Priceline sister. Did you catch their 40% off cosmetics sale last week? I almost missed it. I was on my way home on the last day of sales when I remembered. So I dropped in…. In boy mode.

Apart from some staff and the occasional boyfriend holding bags I was the only boy actually shopping. Well that’s what it looked like to everyone else. It was definitely the girl who was shopping. Lip liner, long wear lipstick and “Oh my God! Dermablend included in the 40% off? No way!” cover creme, setting powder.

I didn’t have my sister club card with me. But the assistant found my membership number at the register and didn’t miss a beat. Obviously I didn’t look like Loretta at all. But she just confirmed my address and completed the sale. 40% off and perfect professional service? Oh I love Priceline 🙂

And then she complimented me on my savvy. She said that all of the girls on staff were buying dermablend (and nyx) because it never goes on sale. Her only lament was that it really didn’t suit her skin tone. She was quite pale and needed to cover a tat. She even recommended that I check out Kat von D for full coverage makeup even though Priceline didn’t sell it.

Now this interaction might seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but it was amazing for me. She treated me, and talked with me, like a girl even though I looked nothing like a girl… And I really mean that I didn’t look like a girl. But that didn’t matter to her at all. It made my day! So thank you so much!

Photo by Ben White


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