Part time Boy

So if I’m a part time girl, I must also be a part time boy right? I’m not sure who I would prefer to be in the picture above, although I do like the red toenail polish. Actually both of them might have red toenail polish! But shouldn’t I want to be full time one or the other? It must be confusing right?

Yes it’s confusing. Society is such that generally boys are boys and girls are girls. And that’s what I grew up knowing. But girls could get away with boyish things. And in some circumstances even be admired for doing so. Boys however can very rarely get away with girlish things. And I think it’s because girls are seen as the weaker gender and why would a boy want to embrace that?

So for most of my life I buried my girl side. And she only came out at private moments at home. She longed to go out but was too afraid to go out and face the world. 

So obviously I should have just gone all girl and that should make everything better right? Well that would be easier for society but really no change for me. I’m not all girl. I have a boy side, so going to one side or the other is just the same for me because there are two sides to me and going to one side means I miss out on the other.

So what’s so good about being a boy anyway?

I love being a husband to my wife and trying to do all the little things to let her know how much I love her. 

I love running around like a madman with my son. It’s so much fun. I really don’t think I could do that as a girl. 

I like the strength of being a boy. I’m certainly no strong man, but I know there’s simple things I can do without thinking about, that my wife can’t do, because I’m a little bit stronger. Or because my hands are a little bigger. 

I think I’m supposed to say because there’s no toilet queues. But while that may be true I’m in a fairly unique position that I can honestly say that girls toilets are way cleaner than boys toilets and smell a whole lot better too.

I’m a quiet person and being a boy I can blend easily into the background. No one notices me and that’s perfect. 

I don’t feel like prey as a boy. As a girl I get noticed more than I do as a boy. And sometimes that includes the unwanted attention that all girls face at some stage. So I definitely feel safer and more secure as a boy. 

As a boy I can just get up and go. If I look daggy (my doctor’s words) it’s ok. But as a girl I like to look good. And that takes a little bit of effort. 

Overall I think being a boy is easier than being a girl. But then I’m the sort of person who will take the stairs instead of the lift. Easy doesn’t mean that it’s better. And hard also doesn’t mean that it’s better either. I just know that I like and need both of my sides. 

Photo by Josh Felise


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