Thank goodness for family! How would I survive without them? I’m married and have a young son. And without them I would really be lost. 

But it’s not easy for them, now that Loretta is around. I told my wife long ago about my girl side. It was about 2 weeks after I met her and I knew she was the one. I knew that it was only fair that I told her everything. Happily we’re still married 18 years later. 

However neither she nor I knew how much Loretta wanted to get out and live. For most of our married life my girl side would make a cameo appearance. And that was enough. But a year or so ago Loretta decided she needed to live a little and so here I am. Part time boy and part time girl. 

My wife loves and supports me. And she understands that being Loretta makes me happy. However that doesn’t mean that things are easy. She’s not into girls, that’s not how she’s wired, so she doesn’t want to be with Loretta. That’s not who she married. 

She also worries that Loretta might be a heterosexual girl and that she’s interested in boys. But that’s not how I’m wired. My boy side is very much heterosexual. My girl side however is definitely lesbian. Both of my sides are only interested in girls. 

In fact I’m only interested in one girl and that’s my wife. And if that means that Loretta is forever celibate that’s perfectly fine with me. The fact is that I’ve only had one partner in my life. And I waited my whole life to find her. And she’s my everything. I love her to bits! 

She’s also worried that I might be all girl like Caitlyn Jenner. She’s seen how happy I am when I’m a girl so she thought that must be the real me. But when my girl side was only making cameo appearances of course she was going to be super happy and excited every single time. 

The thing is if I was all girl then things are pretty much the same as if I was all boy. Because I think I have both a girl side and a boy side. I really need both sides to be me. So I’m definitely not going down the Caitlyn route. 

My son, he’s in primary school now and he’s the other love in my life. I’ve been letting him know about my girl side slowly slowly. He saw all of Loretta’s clothes on the line and said “they’re mummy’s”. I let him know they were my clothes but he thought it was a game until I finally sat him down one day to talk with him. 

I told him that they were really daddy’s clothes because sometimes daddy likes to wear girls clothes. And that most of the time at work daddy dressed as a girl. I also told him that one day he would actually see daddy dressed like a girl and that I looked very different. He seemed to be ok with all of that and went back to playing  minecraft. 

Now two weeks ago, I told him about the Friday night social that I was going to go to. And I told him I would be dressing like a girl. And if he wasn’t comfortable with that then I would stay back at work and go straight from there. But he said that he’d be fine with it. So I planned to get ready for the Friday night social at home. 

Last week I came home with peach coloured nails and I got this question. “Daddy, why do your fingernails look weird?” I told him that I was going out on Friday night dressed as a girl and I needed the practice painting my nails because I wasn’t very good at colouring in. He said “Oh yeah! That’s right I forgot.” Big deal for me, but no problem for him 🙂

I love my family! They mean everything to me! 

Photo by Michal Pechardo


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