Little moments of Yay! 

So being a girl when you have been a boy most of your life isn’t easy. I didn’t get to go to girl 101. So I have to work really hard to break my boy habits to let the girl within come out and be natural. 

So hopefully if I’ve worked hard at it, I do appear natural and I have my little moments of Yay! A bit like in my “I’m a sister” post where the assistant clued in to the fact that while I looked like a boy, it was a girl who was shopping and treated me as one 🙂 

Sometimes I have ouch moments as well, when I’ve worked really hard at being a girl. Like today, the boss used male pronouns with me. To be fair he’s normally very good with it but today…. Ouch! 

Anyway, today I needed to rush over to mum’s to help get her tax sorted as it was at the deadline. It meant that I went straight from work, and it was Loretta who went. Now mum’s ok with her. But not quite so ok when there are people outside the family around. But today it was just mum and I so it was all good. 

The item I couldn’t find for her tax was her bank interest. So we had to call her bank. Now mum’s a bit hard of hearing so it’s much easier for me to talk to the bank on her behalf. But they still have to identify her first. So I called them, explained the situation and then handed the phone over to mum so they could identify her. After playing 20 questions the bank was satisfied, and the nice lady asked mum to put her daughter back on the phone. Yay! 

This was a very yay moment for me. I was at mum’s, no one else around apart from mum so I wasn’t trying to be girl. I was just being me,  and the nice lady at the bank picked up my girl side over the phone…. Yay! 🙂

Photo by Austin Schmid


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