My family and I go to the Easter show every year. But Loretta has never been. However I got free entry on the first couple of days of the show this year, thanks to work, so Loretta got to go for a couple of hours. 

Now normally when we go it’s very structured. Food farm, kid’s cooking, baby animals, woodchop, stunt bikes, rodeo….you get the idea? Today however is just a quick visit. I don’t really want to take in a show. In fact I just want to let the show come to me. So I’m not really sure what to expect. 

I started out at the dome, sampling some banana bread. And just having a look around. I know the place very well and notice that they’ve moved a few things around. I think everything is still here, just some things in a different place. I had lunch waiting for me back at the office. So I didn’t sample too much. 

I headed across to the other side of Riverina and found some very expensive looking bags. But I wasn’t here to shop. But then there were some pretty silver necklaces, a cute red card wallet. And the next thing you know I was in full on shopping mode. I don’t know what happened? 

But I also found some delicious and very cute chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs. French recipe, Belgian chocolates which were fairly plain and sure to be a hit with my wife and son. 

A quick trip to the showbags to pick up a shopkins for a workmate, and that was all I had time for. Oh my God! Who knew I was a shopoholic? Well that was unexpected! 

To be honest I was already planning to buy Easter eggs. And I had been thinking of getting a card wallet. Some simple necklaces were also on my radar…. So not totally unexpected. Just not what I was expecting Loretta to do at the show. 

I’m not complaining though. It was a lot of fun. And certainly a different way to enjoy the show. Tomorrow will be different though. Boy mode and full on show for about 11 hours…. Hopefully we can make it until fireworks this time 🙂 

Photo by Filip Mroz


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