It’s Easter! 

It’s Easter and I’ve  got Tuesday off as well, so I’ve got a 5 day break from work 🙂

I washed my boobs, dried them and put them away. Brushed my wig out, and conditioned it. And put it on the wig stand. Then I said goodbye to them…because I was missing them already and I wouldn’t be Loretta for 5 days. Oooooooh! So does that mean that I’m really a girl? I don’t think so. I think it just means that I’m missing my feminine side. 

I’m really not sure how I made it through my Christmas – Australia day holidays. Somehow I did, and I can’t remember if it was this hard back at the beginning of the holidays. I get a weekend away from being Loretta every week and I don’t feel like this at all. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve been Loretta for a little bit longer this time (11 weeks vs 8). Or maybe Loretta has grown to be so much more confident and herself. I really don’t know, but I feel a bit flat.

I really enjoy my girl time. Even though it takes me longer to get ready for work… You know, make up, wig, clothes, boobs and jewellery. Even though it takes me longer to de-girl at the end of the day… You know, make up remover, wig brushing, boob washing.

Even though sometimes it means I have to walk (pencil skirts aren’t great for riding a bike unless you’re comfortable showing your knickers). Even though I sometimes have loose shoes (I had no idea that shoes that fit great earlier in the day could suddenly become loose. Where are my shoelaces?) and I end up walking as slow as a snail. 

Even though every time I ride anywhere I get helmet hair, and need to find a bathroom, mirror, window or something so that I can fix my hair. Even though I need to fix my lipstick every time I eat something. Even though I need to carry a handbag everywhere because I don’t have any pockets. 

And all of these “even though”s, just reinforce my femininity. No wonder I enjoy my girl time. It’s so much fun! And every trip anywhere is an adventure. 

I feel so much better just getting this off my chest. It’s time to start Easter! Where’s the hot cross buns? 

Photo by Annie Spratt 


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