So how did I go over Easter? 

I must say I wasn’t feeling too sure how I would go over the break. No Loretta for 5 days? Hoo boy! It didn’t help that the week leading up to Easter was exceedingly difficult. How difficult? Let’s just say that it was scared of going home difficult. It had nothing to do with my wife or son or any trouble, but I’ll just leave it at that. 

I made it to Easter Monday without any problems. All that worry for no reason. By late afternoon I was itching for some lipstick and maybe some nail polish. But I managed to keep busy enough so I didn’t get distracted. 

Keeping busy you say? So what did I do to distract myself? Ok ok so I put my laundry away and packed my bag for Wednesday. (extra day off tomorrow… It’s zoo day!) what kind of laundry and what did I pack? Oh all right. I put my lingerie away and I packed a black denim pencil skirt and salmon top with white stripes. But I did make it with no problems 🙂

Tuesday should be awesome. We’re off to the zoo. Going to check out the squirrel monkeys, lemurs and try to avoid getting splashed by the seals. Then we’re off to spice alley for dinner… I can smell someone ordering roti! I might get a ramen. I haven’t had one for a long time. But then we’re going to koi… You know Reynold’s place… For dessert mmm yummy! Tomorrow is going to be awesome! 

Easter is almost over and my wife handed me her phone for quiz time. Apparently choosing what colours you like can tell you what gender you are. Oh-oh. I just know what’s going to happen here. 

I try my best to be honest with my choices. No I don’t like the fuchsia or the hot pink, but that dark pink is a good match for my favourite coy lipstick…alarm bells ringing. I try to stop thinking like this and make my choices before I can think too much about it. Sky blue, light yellow, this pattern, that colour combination….. 

The result? 90% female. I just knew it! Incidentally my wife is also 90% female. 

Photo by Darius Soodmond


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