More moments of Yay!

I keep on thinking that I’m very lucky. All of my experiences as a transgender girl have been very positive. I have either found a circle of people who are amazing. Or perhaps there are more amazing people in this world than I ever thought there were.

From my wonderful family who have given me the freedom to be me. To the many people I’ve had contact with that don’t know me from a bar of soap but have seen my ID. Every one of them have been so wonderful and amazing.

Lots of people have been shocked. But not one of them has been anything but accepting and supportive. Family, friends, colleagues, work contacts, customers, service professionals, tradesmen, rangers, hospitality workers, it hasn’t mattered who they are, they’ve all accepted me with open arms.

I’ve had one incident where I shocked the pants off our mail delivery guy. “Wha?-hey-Waaaaaaa!!” He’s been fantastic ever since. In my defence it was the first day I came to work as Loretta, so I hadn’t quite planned how to handle letting people know. In fact I didn’t know if there was a tomorrow for Loretta. The first day was going to be a once off. But then one day rolled into two and then into three and now apart from a couple of lapses I’ve been Loretta at work for almost 6 months 🙂 Since then, my policy has been to try and give people I know fair warning. So much so that when the AGM rolled around last year I was emailing the regulars to see if they were coming so I could give them the heads up. 

I tried to give the heads up to one of my best friends but she said “surprise me”. So I did. She had to fan herself for a minute but that was it. Then it was like old times. 

Today at work I had a blast from the past. My old old boss showed up unannounced. He had dropped some friends off at the show and thought he’d drop by to say hello. He was silly enough to hire me all those years ago. Not once, not twice but three times! I know, I know even I question his sanity. 

My colleague met him at the front door and he asked if *boy name* was in. My colleague said yes and around the corner they came. I was sitting in my chair facing away. Give him a heads up? All I could do was blurt out “Hi Alex, I’ve changed!”. And with that I spun my chair around and stood up….in my cream crop top with the pink swan, white full circle floral skirt and my new hot pink double strap mules. 

And with eyes as big as saucers he gave me a big hug. “Well I was expecting changes around here, but never in my wildest dreams was I expecting this. I would never have recognised you! And you look so comfortable and at ease with yourself.” 

Oh it was wonderful. Such warm acceptance in the face of such a big change. With no forewarning he just accepted me, just like that. He wouldn’t have recognised me? Probably not, and we worked together for the best part of seven years. And then I got another big hug! 


Favourite new mules from Nine West 


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