Not enough girl time 

So it’s been a short working week. Add to this a day working from home so I could take my son to the optometrist. This has meant that I’ve only spent 2 days in the office this week.  Which means I haven’t had enough girl time. And I’m feeling a bit off and a bit sad, just like I’m missing something. 

Last night didn’t help either. Let’s just say I got knocked out of routine again on a work night. It’s happened too many times these school holidays. So I’m really looking forward to school starting again. Like so many mothers have said “It’s only been three days and I’m over it” except I was over it after one. 

Anyway I was severely depressed last night. Just felt numb. I knew it would pass, but just knowing that it was likely to happen again before school goes back just made me feel hopeless. There’s so much going on in my life at the moment that I really don’t need this extra disruption. 

When I feel this hopeless I crave my girl side. It’s probably because she generally has a lot of happy and fun times. This has changed a bit now because she’s the bread winner and has to deal with work stress. But still, girl time equals fun time. Not that boy time isn’t fun. It’s just that when there’s unpleasant things to do, it’s usually the boy side that has to do it. 

Usually I can just struggle through to the other side eventually. But this morning I didn’t want to get out of bed. And for me that’s very bad. I finally got through this bad patch by lunchtime but there was a cost. 

Cute floral barely there sandals, sky high taupe peep toe pumps, Regatta blue t-shirt, peach long sleeve rib top and a coral one too, sparkly, silver bomber jacket and a black velvet skater skirt. Oh my! I don’t think I had indulged in retail therapy before but there you go. 

Did it make me feel better? A little, but then I felt guilty for buying all of this. Well not so guilty for buying the cute floral barely there sandals. I had my eye on them for a while, and they were now the cheapest I had seen them. And as it turns out they were the last pair in my size 🙂 And I didn’t feel guilty about the velvet skater skirt either. Another something I’ve had my eye on. And once again it was the last one in my size. Now do I have the confidence to wear it? I’m feeling a bit like old mutton….but who cares right? 

While it wasn’t ideal that a bit of retail therapy got me through this rough patch, it’s not surprising that it happened. My girl side has this habit of picking me up when I’m down. Usually just thinking about fun girl times or adventures will be enough to pull me through. Sometimes putting on a frock helps too. Not that I’ve worn a frock since cup day. I guess she had to pull out the big guns this time though.  

So where does this leave me? There definitely seems to be two sides to me. The girl side seems to do happy and fun. The boy side can also do happy and fun but when there’s hard stuff to do it seems like that’s boy stuff. 

Am I a boy or girl? … I still think I’m both. 

And also not guilty for buying the sparkly bomber, it’s almost winter which is also why I need the long sleeve rib tops. And I needed that regatta blue t-shirt because I’ve been looking for something like that in that colour like forever. And those taupe sky high peep toe pumps were a bargain at $14. I rest my case….Girl…I’m definitely a girl! 😉 

Photo by Tamara Bellis

Cute floral barely there sandals from Nine West 


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