Catching up with the girls 

So I caught up with my group of girls again last night. It’s amazing how far some of them come….for one night only. One from Canberra, two from the Goldie. Am I the only local girl? The Tamworth girls, Lake Macquarie girls and the Brizzy girl weren’t there this time, and neither was the librarian. So it was like meeting a whole bunch of new people. 

I got to meet the president this time and she was lovely. She’s one of the few, as far as I can tell, that is a full time girl. Most of the others that I met really only have limited opportunities to dress up and go out. Hence why some travel so far. It’s really one of very few chances for them to embrace their feminine side. 

One of the girls actually did the whole getting ready thing there. She did get there very early though. And then had to de-girl again at the end. Sadly this was only the second time this year she’s been able to dress up. And you could tell that she loved it. 

I still find it strange though. The girls, for the most part, don’t sound like girls. I’d say only three of us would pass that test. And they don’t appear to want to do that. And most of us walk like boys. And some of us sit like boys (No! No! No! That’s so wrong! Don’t wear a short dress and sit like that!). I guess for most of them the interest stops at clothes, hair, makeup and shoes. Very few of us are actually trying to “pass”. And that’s fine, that’s what they do…but I guess I was expecting more of us to be trying to “pass”. 

So me trying to blend in here, means that I fail miserably. I stick out like a sore thumb. Girly voice, cute girl clothes rather than a dress, cute bag with flowers on the strap and pink mules. I saw lots of black shoes and boots, nude cagey sandals, thongs, tan pumps, white pumps. But no one else came close to my pink double strap mules. 

There were lots of dresses, many that seemed too short, but maybe I’m a prude, I don’t think I’m comfortable with that length. A few power suits, and an amazing pink hat. And there was lots of makeup, lots and lots of makeup. I don’t think I’ll ever master night time makeup. That must be why I’m a day girl.  

Did I tell you that I love my pink mules? Everything I’ve worn this week has been based around them! So I’ve worn them every day. They’ve become my signature shoe. Which is surprising because I almost didn’t buy them. I didn’t think that I had much that I could wear them with, but they were “to die for” so I got them. And now I find that I can actually wear them with a lot of outfits. And they’re such a fun colour. 

And who knew mules could be so comfortable? And the ability to be able to slide your feet up or down the shoe actually makes them more wearable. Then there’s the whole dangling the shoe from your toes thing when you’re sitting down. Oh my! Now boys certainly don’t do that! 

But I digress. The President did like my shoes though, although she admonished me for wearing them every day. I think I broke a fashion rule! I wonder if I break the rules next month when I wear them with my white skinny jeans, white and blue horizontal striped top with a pink belt and my black crane bomber. 

I got to chat to newbies and to old hands. I guess technically I’m the former. But practically I’m the latter. I haven’t found anyone like me yet. They seem to be full time girls, or casual girls. No regular part time girls like me. And by far the majority of them are casual girls. I still didn’t get around to speaking with all of them yet. Plenty more meetings I’m sure. 

The meetings actually seem a little time warped. An older community facility, with a bunch of mostly older women. You could probably imagine that it was the country womens’ association. But there’s no cakes! Just chips, dips, sausage rolls and party pies. With some soft drinks and tea and coffee. All in all not a raging Friday night out. But still good fun. 

I guess everyone has their agenda there. For most of them I think it’s the opportunity to get dressed up and go out in a safe environment. I think this is true for the older hands as well, but a lot of them seem to be, or have been on the committee and so are giving back to the group. 

I’m not sure what’s in it for the full time girls though. They might be at the stage where they’re giving back to the group. But they don’t need the opportunity to dress up. I must ask the president what she thinks as a full time girl. 

My agenda? Well I don’t need the opportunity to dress. It’s been good to meet others like me. Really I guess my agenda is to pick people’s brains and find out where they’re at with all of this stuff. And then perhaps that might give some more insight to myself. I suspect that I’m fairly unique. Caught in the middle, so to speak. No surprise there. I think that I get caught in the middle a lot in my life.  

Looking forward to catching up with the girls again next month. 

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