Love and hate Mondays 

I love Mondays! Yes I know it’s the first day of the working week. But the silver lining is that I get to be Loretta again. And you know Loretta….every day is an adventure! 
It really is. It all starts with choosing what to wear. No longer is it black shorts, a polo shirt and matching socks. Now it’s a choice of pretty skirts or skinny jeans or pencil skirts or short shorts. Maybe with a crop top, a V-neck, maybe something lacy, or pastel or bold. Now that it’s getting cooler perhaps with my black peplum jacket or my white floral bomber.

Oh my God! Then there’s shoes! I don’t think I’ve ever had this many shoes. I still love my Brooks, they’re a great choice…for a boy! The choices, the choices! Maybe the sky high white pumps, or the black flat slingbacks? Perhaps the animal print loafers? At the moment there’s one pair I want to wear all the time. Yes you guessed it, pink double strap mules!

Outfit picked and then time to get ready. I think I might be over black Eye-liner but I’m liking brown. And I love the green. But I’m told blue is great for brown eyes so that’s next on my list. Mascara definitely mascara. Not too much though. 

I’m torn over foundation, dermablend has great coverage but seems heavy. I really like revlon creme but the coverage is not really enough for my trouble areas…oh hello moustache! Setting powder is a must. Now how to fix my shiny nose? 

As much as I love red lipstick it never seems to work for me. So here I’m very predictable at the moment Nude lip pencil followed by my favourite coy lip balm. 

One day I’ll find time for contouring and highlighting. Or maybe some blush or bronzer. But right now this girl is too slow to do any more. 

Accessorise! Dainty silver ladies watch with a pink face. Or maybe the blue face. Silver necklace with the silver and gold leaves? Or maybe the pink and blue butterfly. 

Perfume? Kenzo flower has great staying power but isn’t really me. I’m a guess girl I dare say! But I’m definitely not a double dare kind of girl. Spritz! 

Now the time comes….A quick brush and then flip…onto my head goes my wig. As I turn to the mirror my reaction is always the same, “Hello Gorgeous!” ….and I am. 

I’m not sure what it is about the wig. But it’s a very common theme in the transgender world. When the wig goes on that’s when the girl appears. 

I hate Mondays! At the end of the working day I have to de-girl. And after the high of being Loretta again after the weekend break it’s really hard to de-girl. And I get pretty melancholy about that. I hate Mondays! 

The rest of the week isnt like this at all. Sure I love being Loretta and am sad to de-girl. But I don’t have the peaks and lows of a Monday. Perhaps this is a different type of Mondayitis? 

Photo by Mayur Gala


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