Is this just a game? 

I was thinking about how wonderful it has been to be able to live the life of Loretta on a regular basis. It seems like every day is another adventure and it’s so much fun, Even if the day isn’t fun, like yesterday. But does that mean that I’m treating the life of Loretta as a role-playing game? 

I actually have no experience with RPG’s at all. I’ve only ever read about them. Am I simply having too much fun as Loretta and not treating her life seriously? 

Life as Loretta really is a lot of fun right now. There’s so much to learn about being a girl that I’m constantly switched on. Always thinking now how do I do this? Because things are definitely different as a girl. 

Then there’s the interaction with people. For those that have accepted me fully, my relationship with them seems closer and much less like I’m the outsider. And then there’s the girly interaction, much like I’ve seen how girlfriends interact. And that’s kind of nice. 

Speaking of nice, I received a compliment that I “looked nice”, the other day. I didn’t realise how good that would make me feel, but it did. And the compliment came from someone who knows both my boy and girl sides. So that was extra nice. 

Always in my mind however, is that something may go wrong. And that something negative will happen. Luckily this hasn’t happened and nothing anywhere near bad has ever happened, but it could. And because this is real life, if something does go wrong it actually happens to me and not to some fantasy character. 

At the end of the day this is no RPG, this is real life and I really am Loretta! 

Photo by Jordan Bauer


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