Catching up with old friends

So today I get a quick catch up with a couple of old friends. One who has heard about the new me, but hasn’t seen me. And another who has seen me but not really in full girl mode. It should be an interesting day. 
And so what happened? Nothing special really, which is why it was special. Matt and I chatted about work, family and friends like it was old times. We probably could have talked for the rest of the day, but we had things we needed to do, so we went our separate ways. 

It’s so nice to have old friends just accept you. I don’t think I look like the old me at all. And I don’t sound the same either, both in pitch and phrasing. But despite these changes they still get me, and relate to me, for the most part, the same way. The only change was that I got a hug. I never got one of those from Matt before. And it was nice.

As much as I’m finding that I like hugs, I’m not about to start initiating them with old friends. I think I might just go the safe route and let them initiate the hug, otherwise it might be too awkward. 

Next I got to catch up with Tom, a very good friend for too many decades. I think it’s probably harder for him, than most of my friends, to see my girl side. It’s something that he would not have seen coming. We shared some great times over the years, so he’s probably wondering how he didn’t know earlier. But that’s the thing with a lot of transgender, we hide things well until all of a sudden there’s an explosion of, in my case, girl! 

Given that this catch up was actually an official appointment it was never going to flow like my catch up with Matt. But nevertheless it was great to see Tom. Just seeing him completely at ease with me looking and sounding all girl was enough. Hopefully one day I can catch up with him when he’s not working and I’m not the client!  

So interesting day? No just awesome

Photo from unsplash


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