All mixed up! 

So my boy side and girl side are getting a little mixed up. Not surprisingly so, as I guess I probably spend half of my waking hours as girl and the other half as boy. 

This morning I noticed that I used one of my high heel turns…except I wasn’t wearing heels and I wasn’t a girl. You know sort of a step swivel on the ball of your foot. I know this is definitely one of my girl steps. I don’t remember doing this as a boy. In fact I think I use a crossover step with the opposite foot for the same result. But in heels I’m already on the ball of my foot so it makes a quick turn. 

Now I wonder what other girl habits or techniques are seeping through to the boy side. It’s inevitable I guess, but I wonder what else there is? I know I cross my legs girl style, I’ve done that for a long time. And I can even double cross my legs. 

I check out my nails a lot too. Sometimes checking for stray polish. Sometimes checking cuticles or for chips in my nails. 

Oh! Today I found myself using girl voice with the neighbour, when I wished them a great holiday. But that might not count seeing as I still had half of my eyeliner on one eye. So therefore I was still partly in girl mode? Oops! 

I think I may have used some girl speak as well. I can’t remember exactly what I said but I remember thinking “Oh that’s my girl side talking” 

And of course my boy side strays over to my girl side. Especially in the afternoons when I’m getting tired, or if I’m getting dehydrated. The boy voice returns and if I’m dehydrated it’s hard to get the girl voice working again. 

And if I swear or say something else spontaneously, it’s invariably the boy who does it.

Maybe one day it will all leak out together and I’ll just be me 🙂

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