Back 2 MAC 

So now that the debacle of my first MAC visit has faded away in my memory. I finally managed to see a MAC consultant. I took a lesson which covered the basics and got to try some different products….that is different in that I hadn’t tried MAC before. Of course I’ve tried foundation, concealer, eye-liner, liquid lipstick, powder etc. But I hadn’t tried a hydration and priming mist or a degreaser. 
It was a good experience, but while there were a couple of tips and tricks. I don’t really know that there’s much difference between what I was doing before and now. So the good news is that I’m on the right track. But I don’t think that any of the MAC products are a must. I think I’ll stick with Priceline makeup… I am a sister after all. And it’s much more convenient! 

The biggest disappointment of it all was my new liquid long lasting “dance with me” red lipstick. Love the colour, and the feel. And it’s supposed to need an oil based remover to take it off. Who knew that “yuzu tonkotsu ramen” uses the same oil based remover in their soup! So my new long-lasting lipstick lasted 30 minutes and couldn’t make it through lunch. Oh well at least the ramen was worthwhile! 

So when it comes to makeup, essentially I’m a Priceline sister, and a revlon girl. I must have fallen for those Cindy Crawford ads all those years ago. Surprising seeing as I’m a Buffy fan so I thought I would be a Maybelline girl. 

Photo from freestocks


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