I’ve been read! 

I’m talking about passing again. If someone figures out you’re actually not the same sex as the gender you’re portraying then you’ve been read. Passing isn’t everything, but it sure makes things easier when you can blend in.

So I do try hard to pass. Just to make life easier when dealing with other people. Hence the girly clothes, the heels, the makeup, the wig, the earrings, the shaped eyebrows, the nail polish, the jewellery, the petite watch, the handbag. Everything that screams girl. But despite all this how did I get read? My mum. 

So I went with my mum to open a new account at her usual bank. Now mum’s pretty recognisable with her walking stick. And the staff got used to seeing both mum and dad come in together. They know that dad passed away and that mum now comes in with one of her kids. So the lady at the bank instantly recognised mum and then a moment later figured out who I was. 

Admittedly she knew I was transgender. I told her when I was with mum at the bank four months ago in boy mode. Back then she found it hard to believe. Today she believed it. I don’t think she would have read me without mum though. And she did have inside information. And as we were leaving she told me I was beautiful. Hey being read isn’t so bad 🙂


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