What to do with my hair? 

So while I’m comfortable with my wig, especially after Tanè worked his magic on it, what do I do about my boy hair? Ideally I should get it to blend in with my wig. But that’s easier said than done. 
Really the only boy hair that shows are my sideburns. Now I could grow these and I think they would blend in quite nicely. I might need a bit of dye, but it would work thanks to my lucky genes. However take the wig off and that’s just not going to work for a boy cut. It would look really strange. Sigh! 

So here I am and it’s haircut time. I guess the ‘burns will need to be trimmed back. But not too much, and definitely no squaring! That will not do at all. As per usual my life is full of compromises. The fun and challenges of being transgender and in the middle.

Sitting in the chair and having the hairdresser snip away at my sideburns is getting my stomach my muscles all knotted up. I’m quite sad to lose my growing sideburns. I don’t think they’ve ever been that long. 

The funny thing is now that I have my hair cut, the new sideburns actually blend in better. So I was worried for no reason. Phew! 

Sometimes you think the destination is going to be horrible and you worry for the whole journey and then things end up being better than expected. Glass is half full right? 

Photo by Verne Ho


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