So maybe I was wrong. Maybe I’m not a Revlon girl. I have to say that I’m pretty hooked on their green and blue eye-liners, as well as their nude lipliner and their lip balms. However I had thought that their foundation was my go to as well. 

Being the kind of girl that I am, all of the advice, that I had found, said I needed a full coverage foundation. The advice was to get professional coverage. Dermablend and kryolan were the suggestions. 

Now I know I’m not your average girl, but I also know that I’m not your average transgender girl either. By the grace of my lucky genes I’m not that…ahem…hairy. I don’t have too much facial hair, I could never grow a beard. And you can literally count my armpit hair on one hand. Ok two hands if you’re counting both armpits. 

So I figured that I should be able to get away with something a little bit lighter, but still full coverage. Revlon’s whipped creme in warm golden seemed to fit the bill here. Good coverage but not too heavy. Not that dermablend is heavy. It’s just that I struggle to see skin under there. 

However warm golden is just a touch too light for me. Whereas dermablend’s golden beige is a tad too dark for me. But both are workable, not perfect, but pretty good. One of the things that I was keen to find out about when I went to MAC, was what my colour match was. They matched me as NC35. But I thought that it was a touch light. And given the price, I’d go for both the dermablend (same price) and the revlon (67% price). 

Of course any girl who’s into makeup is going to try and find works best for them, preferably at the best price too. So reading through articles on “go to drug store” makeup as recommended by the pros, I found that my whipped creme was highly rated so I was happy about that (Yes! I’m on the right track!) But there was one other that kept on coming up as a recommendation….Fit me! by Maybelline. 

Maybelline foundation? Hey I can get that at the supermarket! I waited a few weeks and it went on half price sale. So I bought some foundation in sun beige and the matching powder. They didn’t have the matching concealer so I went with sand. It looked a little lighter but I didn’t realise until much later that it was two shades lighter. Anyway I still had plenty of whipped creme to get through so I put my new Maybelline aside…..until this morning. 

So Fit me! is a liquid foundation, that’s a novelty for me. I’m used to thick foundation that you warm up on the back of your hand, so you can apply it. This stuff is runny in comparison. Well duh! It is liquid. However once I got past this, I had an OMG moment. “Sun beige is my perfect match!” 

OK so the colour match is perfect but is it any good? After one day’s use I think so. Sadly I was too rushed at the end of the day to do a proper assessment before I took off my makeup. However, the coverage was good. And the problem I normally have with foundation and the tip of my nose, seemed to be not so bad. 

I set the foundation with the matching powder and it didn’t make me orange! I’ve tried setting whipped creme with a pressed powder but that gives me a distinct orange glow. Translucent powder has been my go to with both revlon and dermablend. Any pressed powder touch ups through the day have needed to be light to avoid that orange glow. So I’m hoping that this Maybelline foundation /powder combination is the one. 

So buying from the supermarket does have it’s issues though, like smaller range. Which meant that the concealer I got was two shades lighter. However, using this on my moustache area worked out better than I could have imagined. In fact I think it’s the best coverage I’ve found so far for my “trouble spot”. 

Throughout the day my foundation seemed to hold up and that includes me going for a ride to the post office and shops. I’ll know more in the next week or so but so far I like! It’s early days yet, but maybe I’m not a revlon girl anymore. Maybe I’m a Maybelline girl. And given that even at full price it’s a third of the price of Dermablend or MAC and half the price of Revlon, then if I am a Maybelline girl, my hip pocket is going to be as happy as my face. 

It’s not really a surprise that I may not be a complete revlon girl. With my background I’m better matched to a bit of this and a bit of that 🙂 And besides did I tell you that I’m a huge buffy fan? 

Photo is SMG wearing Maybelline


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