Ok so usually I only blog about things that happen in the life of Loretta. I figure that the boy side is OK with everything that goes on, so blogging the boy side is not a priority. However Trapdoor was so much fun that I had to blog it anyway!

The Vivid festival is on! We go every year to check out the light festival. And it’s always really good so we keep on coming back. The only problem is that the festival is so big that we can’t get around to everything. This year we didn’t make it to the rocks or darling harbour….and that’s despite having dinner at mamak! 

Ah mamak! It must be our favourite restaurant. Roti, kari ayam, Nasi lemak Mmmm. Perfect start to the night. Especially after indulging in a roti tisu as well. Actually I tried a veggie curry tonight with my Nasi lemak and it was very nice. Milder than the other curries but it was a nice change. I’d certainly order it again. 

So after an early dinner we hit the vivid trail at 6pm. First stop barangaroo. We haven’t been to this section before. It’s all new new new! And the reason we came was for the trapdoor exhibit. After walking under the mantarays and gawking at the deep sea divers we found ourselves in the queue…..and in for a half hour wait. 

So in trapdoor a group of people (6-10) get to stand in a ten metre square “stage” where they show scenes on the floor that you stand on. The first thing that happens is that they show the floor cracking with most of it falling away and you then tumble past the bones of dinosaurs. You then get to see pieces from barangaroo. It’s not real historical stuff, just things you can have fun with. 

Anyway after waiting only 20 minutes it was our turn. There’s a 10 second change over between groups so it all happens pretty fast. My wife was just going to watch and take photos, she’s not so good with moving things or pictures. Then the people behind us had a baby and a pram, and weren’t quick enough on the changeover. This meant that it was just the two of us, me and my son. (I know I know it’s bad English!) lucky us! 

So the floor cracked and fell away, showing us the dinosaur bones. And I fell too, sprawled on my back as we fell through the ages. I picked myself up and we found ourselves standing on logs, which were being sawn up so we jumped from one log to another so we didn’t get sawn up. 

Then we found ourselves on a tall ship at sea. Somehow I was on the main yard trying to keep my balance as I slowly walked to the end where I was knocked off it by the tentacle of a giant pink squid. We landed in what must have been an air conditioning plant underneath barangaroo. We jumped up and down on the compressor to keep it going while the nearby penguins shivered. 

Barangaroo must have its own waste composting because that’s where we found ourselves next. Just us, the compost and a giant green worm! Quick run away before he eats us! Run run run! There’s obviously fun places here too because we found ourselves on a dance floor with different coloured squares where we could strut our stuff…with the penguins! 

It was all over in 75 seconds, but it was sooooo much fun. And then something strange happened. We got a round of applause! I totally forgot that there were other people around. I was in the moment having fun. Just me and my son. I guess the other people had fun too just watching us have fun. Admittedly I was trying to have as much fun as possible with it and I guess it showed. 

Hey I thought I was an introvert. But then I have also been described as gregarious. I guess it all depends on the timing. 

Photo from destination nsw 


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