Winter’s coming! 

So winter is almost here, cold days ahead! Probably not quite as bad as in this photo…have we ever had snow in Sydney? But what to wear to keep warm? Oh dear! I think I might be channelling my inner teenager. A nice coral long sleeve rib top, some knee high black boots and a…. flippy black miniskirt? Ok so how old am I? Doesn’t matter, mentally I think I’m exactly the right age for this outfit. Of course there’s some foundation wear to help keep me warm like a good warm singlet and some 120 denier black tights and some ankle socks too.

I seem to be branching out from my fit and flare look. Oh I still love it, but I guess it’s the same shape even if I’m wearing different tops and skirts. But a miniskirt? At my age? I couldn’t resist buying it. And at $6 I really couldn’t go wrong right? Well I think it works so I’m going to wear it.

I’ve even been wearing my jeans recently too. I added some high waist jeans to my wardrobe. I was worried that they wouldn’t fit because of my not quite so feminine shape. But you know what? They’re awesome! I actually wore them last Friday to the GQ meeting. And I think I nailed the look.

High waist blue Skinny jeans,. A navy and white thin horizontal stripey top. My red, orange and black statement dorsay Heels, which was a good match with my favourite red and orange handbag. My white and pink floral bomber to keep me warm. A silver and gold leaf necklace with my signature silver hoop earrings to finish things off. I really could have been just another girl out on a cold Friday night…and I was.

Actually I looked a lot like our facilitator AM. Except she was tall, blonde, short hair with blue eyes. Ok so maybe not looked like her, but our outfits were pretty similar. Blue jeans, stripey top and heels. Oh and she’s a lesbian too, just like me 🙂

And would you believe it? I’m even wearing sleeveless tops now! I’m putting my shy shoulders out there. Well sometimes anyway. And besides these longline peplum tops work really well with my jeans. Throw a longline black cardi on top and tada!

Apparently velvet is in this season, and I have succumbed. A black velvet A-line skirt and a black velvet short sleeve top. I’m never planning to wear them together but separately they’ve been working well. Adding another texture to my black and white outfits. Oh this is so much fun! Did I tell you that I’m enjoying being a girl?

OK next project is the business meeting look. Hmm this will be tricky. I don’t actually have any business clothing so I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got. I suspect that both the jeans and the miniskirt are both out though. Perhaps my navy pants? Or my black pencil skirt (it’s denim though but hard to tell). Or maybe the black tuxedo pants will get a run. My white box pleat skirt?

Actually it’s funny, most of the time I’ll start choosing an outfit by picking my bottoms first. I wonder if this is peculiar to me? How do others pick their outfits? Unless I’ve got a new top I’ll usually coordinate my tops with the bottoms. Having said that there’s a couple of tops that are demanding to be worn. Valleygirl long sleeve lace top in white. (possible pairing with navy pants, or maybe with the pencil, and it should be a killer with my blue jeans, but not the look I want for the budget meeting) plenty of time to figure it out though. The meeting isn’t until next Tuesday. Wait! I’ve only got 7 days to figure this out? Oh my goodness!

Photo by Heather Shelvin 


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