Just another day

Missed the bus by 15 seconds this morning. It was 4 minutes early šŸ˜¦ So I got to spend the next 18 minutes standing around in the cold. Luckily I had both my crane bomber and my new black winter coat. It’s only a lightweight coat but it certainly made a difference. A white top and navy pants completed my outfit. Except that it wasn’t complete. I had my white runners on because my brown ankle boots were at work. No matter I’ll switch later. 

It was only 6 degrees this morning and it certainly felt like it. Especially walking through the park to work in the dark. Good thing I brought my bike lights with me. Plenty of bikes whizzing past so it was good to have some lights so they could see me! 

So why am I up so early AND not riding my bike? Well I’ve got a meeting later today in the city which will mean I go straight home from there, so there’s no point in riding in. And there’s a bunch of stuff I need to get done before I go and I need to squeeze in a personal visit to the court too. And maybe a visit to that little Vietnamese restaurant for lunch šŸ™‚ Busy! 

I’m finding that my girl side is opening up a side to me that I wasn’t expecting. You know me? Triple j listener? Like forever? I still listen to triple j but also find that I’m listening to more mainstream music too. Things I would never have listened to before. Katy Perry, Rihanna and oh my god, Taylor Swift. I just can’t shake it off. In fact I’m finding myself listening to all of her back catalogue. I never knew she was so country…and that I would like it! I only knew shake it up before but I’m really enjoying her storylines and her music. What’s happening to me? Sigh! I don’t know but I’m going to enjoy it šŸ™‚

Today it’s also been really nice to be able to window shop without drawing undue attention to myself. Before it was a furtive glance at a window as I walked by. Now I can actually stop and check out the shoes or tops or dresses as I like. It’s just so nice to be able to do that. 

The downside today was getting a peanut crumb stuck on my lipstick. I couldn’t tell until I got to the ladies for a makeup check. Oh and then the wind down at barangaroo. Oh my goodness! Thankfully no skirt for me today. High chance of it blowing up around my head….well maybe not that bad. My skirts have survived me riding along at 30kmh so they’d probably would have been safe in the wind. My hair however, let’s just say that wind is not a great friend of wigs. I was in definite need of a brush by the time I got inside. 

Actually a brush has become one of my most needed cycling accessories. Park bike, helmet off, brush hair. Fortunately I found a travel brush that folds up and takes up minimal room in my handbag. And it has a mirror on the handle. It’s not as good as my wire brush but at least it makes me presentable, and I can carry it everywhere. 

I couldn’t believe I ordered a Brownie. I was just going to get a coffee, a long black, then all of a sudden someone wanted a Brownie to go with it. Is this my girl side wanting a chocolate fix? Or am I just compensating for the fact that I can’t have milk in my coffee. I’m not sure but it certainly was the girl with the initial L that ordered it! Oh and it was delicious. I was right to order it!  

I also got to do one of my favourite things from years ago. Catch a ferry home. I used to walk 2k everyday to get the boat because it was a great way to unwind after a long day. It’s still just as good! I love riding my bike home too but it takes a lot of concentration. Still a great way to unwind but you have to keep your wits about you. 

And seeing I was in the vacinity I dropped in on mum. Just a quick visit to update her on what’s going on and to see if she needed anything. As I was leaving she told me my clothes were pretty. Sigh! What more could a girl want from her mum? šŸ™‚ Definitely gives a girl confidence. Yep just another day. 

Photo by Julia Caesar


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