Honk honk!??? 

Sigh! Missed the bus again this morning. 15 seconds away again and it was 3 minutes early. Grrrr! So another 17 minutes standing around in the cold. 

Today however, I’m not as well prepared as usual as it was a late decision to bus it rather than ride. This meant back up clothes and wig and makeup instead of my usual things. It’s not that I look bad, just different to my usual look. 

Today I have my long straight wig with a fringe. She’s never been out in public so this is a first. My usual wig is just below shoulder length. But this one is another 10cm longer. I don’t have my winter coat as it’s at work. So instead I have my white quilted bomber jacket. Underneath I’m wearing my coral long sleeve ribbed top, with a singlet AND a bodysuit to keep me warm. A pair of blue high waisted jeans and my white runners complete the ensemble.

So whats a girl to do at stupid o’clock when there’s another 17 minutes until the bus arrives? Not much except stand around and listen to music. “…. It feels like one of those nights. We ditch the whole scene….” Of course there’s no one else silly enough to be up and waiting for a bus. It’s just me, a few joggers and cars and trucks going by. 

Honk! 3 cars go by. I guess one of them drifted in to the others lane. “….It feels like one of those nights. We won’t be sleeping!….” Did I mention that I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift? All of a sudden I’ve got her in my head all the time. And I’m just going with it. 22, you belong with me, shake it off, love story, mine. They’re all on repeat in my head…and this morning, on my phone too. 

Come on bus where are you? Now there’s only one car on the road. Honk! What th..? Oh! The cars are honking at me! Oh that’s just really weird. I’ve never been on this side of the fence before. Actually I’ve never been on the other side of the fence either. I guess I’ve been on the fence…..which makes perfect sense to me. 

So how do I feel about this? In one sense it’s oh good, I pass. But to be honked at? Maybe I went too far with my look. I just want to blend in. Wait! I didn’t ask to be honked at. Was I wearing a sign that says honk if you think I’m cute? And what were those drivers thinking? Oh I really don’t want to know. That just makes me feel dirty. Ew! 

I guess this sort of thing is what girls all over the world put up with all the time. It’s not right that we get objectified. But the world isn’t perfect. And while there’s a long way to go for transgender acceptance. I think this is something that may never be overcome. It seems to be too ingrained in society and across cultures for there to be a real and tangible solution. It’s not right at all but I’m going to have to leave this as….oh good, I pass. 

Photo by Jannik Selz 


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