More yay! 

So when you work at the same place for a long time, the chances of running into old colleagues is quite high. This time a couple of colleagues from 10 years ago dropped by. They had been meeting with one of my current colleagues when my boy name came up in conversation. 

“So does ‘boy name’ still work with you?” A wicked smile appears on my colleague’s lips and she replies “something like that”. After filling them in on the details they definitely had to pop in to surprise me…and they did. 

I’m immediately engulfed in a couple of huge hugs. And we chat about old times and new. Apart from a “Look at you!” there’s not much more said about my change. We just chat about old times and new, and they try to convince me to get my son into racing. And that’s just so perfect. I cannot think of a more perfect reaction to my changes. And it is so typical of my experience so far.

I told my mum’s neighbour last week. I’ve known her for 25 years. And she was so happy for me…but absolutely gob-smacked and had no idea whatsoever. She kept on saying that I looked just like my sisters ☺️What more could a girl ask for? 

Work is amazing. We hired a new girl last week and she sits just across from me. So I told her about me not long after she walked in the door. And she was so cool about it. She’s the first one at work who didn’t know my boy side before, and I was so happy that it was a non-issue for her. She’s a lot younger than me and I really do think that the younger generations are more accepting. 

And the rest of work is almost perfect. Everyone accepts me as who I am. The only issue is the boss,who sometimes gets their pronouns wrong, but is starting to self correct their faux-pas. 

I really wish that my experiences were more typical of the transgender world. I had hoped that that the stories that I had heard of, and read, were just the bad ones, and that perhaps most transgender didn’t experience this. However given what I’ve heard in my two Gender Queer meetings, I really think that I’ve been so unbelievably lucky! And that’s thanks to you all, family, friends and colleagues, thank you so very much!  Love L

Photo by Brandi Redd


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