Long day…..but a good one! 

So it’s GQ meeting day today! Yay! I’ve been looking forward to catching up with S&O&M. And to thanking and farewelling AM. But there’s a lot to get through today…starting with a 545am makeup call. The things we girls do to get ready before we head out the door.
Of course my best laid plans came undone with the morning bus. No I didn’t miss it again, this time it was ten minutes late. And it had a knock-on effect for the rest of the day. So straight away that put me back 15 minutes because I had to get the next train. But this isn’t a whinge it’s just that I struggled to get those ten minutes back.

So busy day. I do accounts work and today BAS is due. It’s the last BAS for the financial year so it’s pretty important which means there’s lots more things for me to check. My estimate was that I would need all day to get it done. I was right apart from a lunch break that’s all I did.

Lunch break? Oh yeah! Today I scored a free buffet lunch at the local Cafe as part of their promotions. I got the third last ticket. They went all out making their regular menu…but buffet style and they did it well. I’ve had lunch there before and it was really good. Today was just as good so they didn’t slack off and the buffet style didn’t faze the kitchen.

Mini-burgers, salmon sushi, chicken wings, frittata, pizza, and a deep fried rice ball topped with smoked salmon. Well that’s what I sampled and it was all very good. There was nothing that I thought afterwards that I wished I hadn’t picked up. Not only delicious but professionally presented too. I really hope their promotion is a success because they really went all out for it. 😋

Sounds like a long lunch? No it was very strictly timed so I was back at work thirty minutes after I left. #thankgodforbicycles So I was still only 15 minutes behind on my day. Back at work and I hammered out the BAS report. Triple checked everything. Pulled out supporting documents and emails. And I got it done and lodged in time….just. And then I saved ten minutes. The boss couldn’t authorise the payment today, so there was no need for me to do the bank transaction. Yes!

So fix makeup, grab my handbag and coat, turn the alarm on and go go go! Normally it’s a fifteen minute fast walk to the station. My plan all day was to allow twenty. Yesterday I road tested my 8cm block heel black ankle boots with a long walk. And I was confident that I would be able to last the night in them. However it would take me longer to get around than in my usual flats.

I set off at a brisk walk. I had saved ten minutes so I had 15 minutes to get there. It was going to be very close. As I walked I pulled out my travel card because there would be no time later. I made it to the street where the station was when the train pulled in. If I was at the steps I would have been even money to make it. An extra 80 metres? No chance. Sigh! I was 15 minutes behind again.

Plenty of time to listen to music then. Today’s anthem is “Last Friday night”. My goodness! Who knew I liked mainstream pop? That’s so not the boy me. But here I am, this girl who is loving it! Carly Rae, Jessie J, Taylor, Katy, Ariane….what happened to me?

The train zipped me into central where I stopped for a quick dinner at Menya. My favourite ramen bar. I had their classic menya pork ramen in shoyu.. $10.30. Now I know lunch was free and it was very good. But if I had to pay for it versus ramen from menya? Menya hands down… Winner! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal here and the prices are so good.

After slurping down my noodles (not really, girls don’t do that do we?) it was off to the bus. 9 minutes to the GQ meeting and the bus trip is 14. Not too bad, I won’t be too late. I arrive at my stop and wait at the lights to cross. When I get across I can see up the street to the office where the meeting is. And I can see someone outside. Then it looks like they try the door, turn around and head up the hill. I think it might be S.

I quickly walk to the office and the door is locked AND it’s dark inside. I’m sure it was S! So I walk up the hill after her but she’s too far ahead…I have to run if I want to catch her. 8cm heels? Come on girl you can do this. So I run, I’m not fast but I’m gaining. I cross a side street and then the traffic on the main road stops for the lights. If I yell her name she might just hear me. But yelling as a girl? New territory. My girl voice is very soft so it might not work. And while S is a girl, she’s not ready to dress like one. So if there’s someone else around I might just out her. But everyone else is a bit further away.

I call her name…nothing. I continue to run and I call her name again. She turns but doesn’t see me and continues walking. No one should be calling out her girl name so it makes sense that she thinks she’s hearing things. I’m sure the traffic will start again any moment, “S………!” And she stops, turns and walks back down the hill as I finally catch up to her. She’s as glad to see me as I am to see her.

We walk back down the hill and check the office for any signs of life. And decide that they are definitely closed tonight. So we decided to hold our own meeting up at the pub. After all that running and yelling this girl deserves a golden ale mmmm! S doesn’t drink much so settles for water.

We had a good long chat about being transgender. I don’t get to do this apart from the meetings, and certainly not to this depth. Yes I blog about it a little, but it’s more of a one sided conversation. And while I have more experience than S, and she felt that she might have been picking my brains or being intrusive. I felt that I was getting just as much out of it by talking about it.

I suggested that she might like to come along to the Friday night social so that she could have a venue to dress up and be S. And she might just do that. It’s certainly a safe venue for her to do it, and might open her eyes to what’s possible. Anyway we’ll see next month.

We chatted for an hour and a half but it didn’t seem like it and it was a little surreal. There we were sitting in a pub. A family having dinner behind us. Other tables filled with people enjoying a quiet drink with friends at the end of the week. And here we were having a perfectly normal conversation about being transgender. It was wonderful!

Eventually I thought I’d better make tracks if I wanted to get to the Friday night social, AND get home in time to see family So we said our goodbyes and we were both so happy that we managed to catch up with each other. And we looked forward to catching up again next month.

Across the road to wait for the bus. Where there was an old Greek milkbar.. Must have been there since the 50s. Serious time warp. Six minutes to wait…..and get leered at by some random walking by… Creepy! I don’t like this part of being a girl. But I guess it comes with the territory so I’ll just have to deal.

Oh boy! Now that’s one hot bus. Heaters going full blast. Had to move to the aisle to cool down. Halfway! Bus transfer. But twenty minute wait. What’s a girl to do when she’s hot and bothered and has time on her hands?  Gelato of course! Sour 🍒 mmmmmmm! I came at the right time, ordered quickly and claimed a seat at the window. Legs crossed if course! The sour cherry was delicious 😋. And very popular. Lots of people ordered it and I had to squeeze my way back out of the gelato bar so I could keep on going.

I made my way to the bus stop for the second leg of the journey. And didn’t have to wait long and I was on my way again. Certainly making good use of my opal card today. I wonder if I’ll hit the cap? It’s amazing how fast the busses are when it’s not peak hour. In next to no time I was getting off the bus for the short walk to the Friday night social and only half an hour late.

There’s quite a few girls in tonight. It looks like around 30 of us. Oh and in the back corner there seems to be a store selling quite a few things that us girls need to help us be……girls. M tells me that they always come to the July meeting because it’s just before the ball. And OMG it’s the Breastformstore! How lucky is that?

Why is it lucky? Well I’m actually having trouble with my…..ahem…boobs. I think the silicone is breaking down. No leaks but I’m in need of replacements. Given that I purchased them from overseas I was sure they would ask for them to be shipped back for inspection so it might not be worth it.

But I got them from the Breastformstore overseas so talking to the Australian affiliated store might be the stroke of luck I need. So I meet Tanya and David who own the store and tell them my problem. Of course they want to check out my boobs for themselves. So we do swapsies, Amazingly they had exactly the same breastform as I was wearing, even the same size.

So off I went to the changing room to swap boobs. And then I realised that I was wearing my bodysuit. (Fantastic to wear with jeans in colder weather to give you another layer without mucking up how your jeans fit ☺️) Hopefully I can get away without having to take everything off! After a little trial and error it wasn’t so bad. Top up. Undo bra and slip the form out the side and then reverse. I was worried I would have to get naked!

Both Tanya and David check out my boobs and declare that it’s a manufacturing defect. Apparently the silicone is starting to separate and they can’t find any punctures which is good. They take some photos and tell me to get in touch with the overseas store and if I’m lucky they might replace them. The overseas store will probably get in touch with Tanya and David to check though.

This is good news. I had pretty much written them off. Apparently they’re supposed to be pretty bullet proof and should last 18 months or so. However David suggests that maybe the gold seal or amolux might be a better long-term solution for me. He actually recommended the aphrodites but sadly I’m allergic to them 🙁. They had some gold seal there and they look to have a stronger back construction…so maybe. I’ll have to check out the amolux which are supposed to be hypo-allergenic. So hopefully I’ll get some free replacements and I’ll also get a new pair as well. A girl’s got to put her best boobs forward right?

Oh my! Time is slipping away. If I leave right now I’ll make it in time before family goes to sleep…. And I’ve got 5 minutes to make the bus! I grab my handbag, pull my jacket and coat out from behind J who’s sitting on them. Say some quick goodbyes and I’m off. Out the door, cross the street and run! More running! I’m glad I’ve worn these boots in. I’m not fast but it makes a difference. I get to the bus stop and 20 seconds later I’m on the bus. Thank goodness for real time apps ☺️

I’m not too far from home so it’s a short bus ride. However this route is a backstreet one so it’s a good 1.5 km walk from here in my 8cm ankle 👢. Thankfully Jessie j and Carly Rae keep my walking tempo up. Oh my!  Walking to these beats certainly gives me a girly strut. I guess in these heels it’s inevitable….and I like it! 😊

Add in some strutting to Ariane and I’m home.  And I make it in time to reconnect with family. Thank goodness!  I hate days where I don’t get to see and talk to them. Fortunately those days don’t happen very often. It’s only a quick reconnect as everyone is ready for bed, including me! It was a long day…but a good one!

Photo by Sandi Shelvigs 


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