Knee trouble 

Occasionally I have trouble with my left knee when I’m riding my bike. It probably flares up once a year but is manageable. Yesterday I could feel it wasn’t right on the way to work but it wasn’t too bad. But then when I went to pick up the mail for work it was not good. By the time I rode back to the office I was doubtful that I would be riding home. I could have made it but that would have meant a longer recovery. At the end of the day I headed for the train.

So no bike for the rest of the week in an effort to get my knee right for next week. Last year this might have meant that Loretta took a break from work and boy me would go instead. But not this year. I know, I know I’m bigender so it shouldn’t be a big deal right?

Not a big deal for me but it might confuse things at work. Transgender is one step but bigender might be a step too far. I know the boss is old school and while accepting, he still has issues getting Loretta and pronouns right. In any case I need my girl time.

So for the rest of the week I’m a girl, door to door. Usually girl time starts at work. Seeing as I ride to work and get changed anyway it made sense. I probably already was a girl door to door but the lack of boobs when I ride really does make a difference. So 5am makeup call is on for the rest of the week.

So am I a girl of convenience? Oh that sounds terrible! Even worse than telling people I’m a working girl! But seriously do I take the easy way out when it comes to being a girl? I mean I really could ride to work with wig and boobs on. So why don’t I?

In the summer I knew why. I really didn’t want to get my girl stuff all sweaty. Whether or not that was a valid reason doesn’t matter at this time of year because it’s nice and cool. And yes it’s definitely more convenient to girl up after I ride into work. But I do have to get changed at work after I ride anyway so I guess it makes sense to girl up then.

Am I a girl when it’s convenient? Well if this were true I probably wouldn’t be a girl this week. These 5am makeup calls are exhausting! It’s a huge commitment to embrace being bigender. Mentally and physically it takes a lot of concentration and effort. And the time it takes up! Hoo boy! I’m no girly girl but getting ready to be me takes time. And then I have to switch!

I’m not complaining. This is what it takes to be me. Yes I’m going to take the easier, more convenient way sometimes but I think I’ve earned it. Hopefully my knee is better next week. It’s been wonderful being a girl door to door but I miss my bike. And these bus rides are getting old.

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