New breasts

I’ve decided. Enough is enough. I need new boobs! No I’m not getting a boob job. I’m not that brave. And besides I’m bigender so getting a boob job would mean that I have to strap them down in boy mode. So probably easier to add boobs than to hide them. 

But why? Do I want to be bigger? Smaller? Actually I really like the size I have at the moment. I’m a C cup, so not too big and not too small. I must have goldilocks spirit in me. 

No the problem is that my current breastforms are breaking down inside. It’s fairly early in the piece so they’re still usable and not uncomfortable at all. However, everyday I can see that they get a little bit worse, so it’s only a matter of time before they become bags of slush. 

Now I guess the gut-reaction is not to buy those forms again / or buy from that store again. However I contacted the store by email and let them know what problems I was having. They asked for some photos and when they saw them they said it was a manufacturing defect and that they would replace them ☺️

I can’t speak highly enough of the service I got from the This is not a shameless plug for them, but the best way I can acknowledge and thank them. The service I received from them was second to none. Even though I am half a world away from them, they really looked after me. And instead of shipping me a new pair of breastforms off the shelf, they had a brand new pair made for me. 

Oh I think they want my loyalty. Oh I so think they’ve got it. I’m very excited that I’m getting new boobs. Probably more so because of what they represent rather them being new, or because they’re boobs. They represent really being looked after. And that feeling is so awesome! 

Thanks Eden! 

Photo by Chloe Si


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