New photo ID? 

Today I’m off to the city for work. But first a quick stop at service NSW to see if I can get a new photo ID. You see most of the time when I’m out and about during the week my drivers license looks nothing like me. I know that everyone says this. But I think I look more different to my license than most.

I’m really not sure if I’ll be successful or not but it would be nice. It’s not as if I want to put “Loretta” on the ID. I’m happy to have boy name on there. I just want it to look more like me.

So here I am, on the bus, and it’s a little draughty, in my LBD. Yes. I’m wearing a dress! First time in nine months! It’s not that I don’t like dresses. I just find it tricky to find one that suits me.

As you can see this one is quite business like. Cap sleeves, just above the knee (well it is on me!), fit and flare shape with lace detail at the neck and hem. I have my pink and blue butterfly necklace and pink and blue swan bracelet to accessorise the black look. I’ve got my black guess jacket to up the business look. And my black ankle boots to maintain the black look. Finished with my blush duster coat for a bit of warmth and contrast. Bag for the day is my trusty brick orange Crumpler. Not exact business like but my bag choices are limited, especially if I need to carry a little bit more than handbag size. I think I look pretty good ☺️

Well that was a nice letdown. I was geared up for difficulty at service NSW with getting a new photo ID. It was no problem whatsoever. I just hope my photo looks alright. Glasses off, hair off eyebrows, no smiling. The lady serving me was wonderful. Couldn’t ask for nicer service. It was just so easy. So in two weeks time I should have my new girly looking ID 👩

To celebrate I went for breakfast at The Grounds @ the galleries. Usually I’m a muesli kind of girl. But with training on I thought I better fuel up for better concentration. So I ordered a wild mushroom feuilettè. It was beautiful with petals and fresh herbs strewn across it. And the poached eggs looked fantastic! It… was….delicious! My only tiny gripe was that they used a little too much vinegar to keep the poached eggs together. However they were perfectly cooked. Oh I would so eat that again if I get the chance.

It’s staff training day today. So I walked from the city up to kings cross as I had plenty of time to get there. However the venue was a little tricky to find…. I had a map and everything! Eventually I had to ask a concierge. I really don’t like doing that. It’s not their job but I walked down and up and back down so I had a good look. And I only had five minutes to get there and I hadn’t seen anyone else. It turns out I was ten metres away. I just had to do a u-turn to get to the door I didn’t see!
Training was 7 habits of effective people….on speed! It was a good little course. Certainly some useful pieces to take away and use for work and iny life. But to be honest this wasn’t the major thing for my day.

I had made a 2pm appointment to see my aunt and uncle at their office. With a bit of luck I hopped on a bus going almost to their door with just enough time to make it. They hadn’t met Loretta before but I did give my aunt the heads up and she was already supportive, so this should be easy. But still it’s the first step in letting my extended family know.

And as expected it went really well. My uncle was very shocked even though he was forewarned. So we sat and chatted….about me funnily enough. And it was really good to talk with them about this. It’s still didn’t make tea any nicer though. But I felt like I had to say yes to tea. At least it was wet. #teasux

They were so supportive and were only worried about what this meant for my little family. Which is exactly my main worry so I really felt that they understood. And I let them know that was my priority as well.

To top it off my aunty said that my new look really suited me. And that I looked quite sophisticated. I told her that I tried really hard to blend in. And she told me that I had failed, because I dressed so well that I stood out. Oh dear! Have I done too much? No she said that it looked effortless and not overdone. I know my aunty has good taste and a keen eye for fashion so this was high praise indeed.

So another day done. Another one where there could have been problems but again everything went so smoothly for me that it’s hard to believe. I still think that I’m going to find some difficult days on my journey. But so far I seem to be charmed. I…AM…SO…LUCKY!

Zoey dress by atmos&here from the iconic 

Blush duster coat by Wallis from the iconic 


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