Back on my bike :-) 

Today should be the last day of busses and trains for me for a while. As I plan to be riding home this afternoon. My knee seems to be better now, and a short test ride yesterday to the post office didn’t cause any problems.

I’ve really missed being on my bike. Apart from being able to enjoy riding around it really reduced the flexibility of what I could do and when. Things like the shops being too far away now. Oh that makes me sound like a girl. I actually buy things for the office from the local shops. But without my bike it was too far and too hard to carry things. So I had to get home delivery… And the lag between order and delivery is like 3 days. So planning ahead is a must.

Then there’s the constant checking of timetables to see if I had to run and in which direction! And run I did sometimes. So I’ve definitely improved my skills in heels no end. And with just my trusty Crumpler for company I could only carry a little bit rather than a full pannier load.

But there were positives about public transport that I will miss. Things like two less changes. Going by bike means changing into riding clothes to go and then to come back. It doesn’t take that much longer but it’s really nice to be a girl door to door. And there’s the bonus of less clothes to wash.

Then there’s time for me to relax on the bus/train and listen to music and blog. I can’t really do that on the bike. I know I’m missing out on exercise but the walk to the station and back is quite a good workout, especially in heels, and especially if I have to run!

Cars! Ugh! I can’t escape cars either way. Now I know 99.999% of car drivers are great. I mean I’m a great car driver ☺️ It’s just the 0.001% that give me grief. On my bike it’s those honking at me to get off their roads. On public transport, or rather waiting for the bus, they honk at me because I’m a girl (yes I got honked at again this morning. No it’s not my imagination. When there’s only one car on the road and only me at the bus stop I’m sure they’re honking at me). Can’t win this one.

Actually the best thing about catching public transport has been that I can wear my coats! Ooh layers! Yes indeed. I can’t wear them on my bike….they don’t go with my riding gear. And at the office there is no need for a coat. But when I’m freezing my bits off waiting for a bus or a train, a coat is perfect! And they make you look good too! I think those French girls were onto something with their layering techniques!

So I’m looking forward to my ride this afternoon. But I might just hop back on public transport sometimes too because it has its good points too. Just don’t expect me to drive to work.

I did a last test ride around the park before going home today. Just to make sure I was good to go. I really didn’t want to get half way home and find that my knee wasn’t ready. So a quick spin in my work clothes was the plan. See, if my knee did play up I wouldn’t have to get changed back.

So off I went in my pink blush ribbed long sleeve top, my velvet mini, and my pink double strap mules. Of course this is what all the fashionable girls wear when they go for a ride 😅 Just a short flat loop with one small hill. Then zip down the other side back to the office. No I didn’t flash anyone in my mini. You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s actually surprisingly hard to do!

Anyway I pull up at the door to the office, and I get the heel of my mule stuck in my pedal and fall over, bike and all. I haven’t had a bike accident for a long, long time. Probably a decade ago was the last one (bloody dog owners that don’t use a leash). Luckily it was a slow fall with nothing in the way except the ground. And in any case my fall was broken by my big bum.

Damage report:

Big bottom – superficial contusion;

Sense of humour – still intact;

New pantyhose – write off;

Pink double strap mule (left) – initially stuck in rear spokes but safely extracted;

Dignity – I flashed everyone in sight! Legs akimbo, sprawled on the ground. Fortunately there was no one in sight so dignity intact. And because no one saw it…it never happened 😉

So I was good enough to ride home and I did. And my knee is fine so I’ll be riding again next week rain, hail or shine. Yay! But I’m still annoyed about my pantyhose 🙁

Photo by Edwin Andrade


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