Does every cloud has a silver lining?

So if you’ve been reading my blog recently you’ll know that I was off my bike for a couple of weeks. That’s horrible for me because I love riding my bike. And I ride to work rain, hail or shine. But that doesn’t extend to riding through knee pain. So it was on to the backup plan of bus and train.

The thing is, during this time off the bike I learned so much. It’s funny how every cloud has a silver lining, so here’s what I achieved:

Doing my makeup in low light with the clock ticking really made me concentrate on my technique so that I could do it more quickly and efficiently. So makeup routine is now down to under 12 minutes!

Running for busses and trains really improved my walking in heels skills. I was already good but I think the extra walking and running has strengthened my muscles, and improved my coordination so that I’m even better than before.

I got to practice layering. There is no need for a coat at work. But definitely a need for a coat waiting for busses and trains in the morning. So I got to practice with layers every day. And I got better at coordinating my layers through constant practice.

I experienced more of life. Being a girl at work, for me, is easy. Everyone knows me and there’s not so many variables. Being out in the rest of the world constantly, gave me new experiences, some good like being treated like a woman. You know courtesy and all that. And some not so good, like being objectified as a woman. But it’s all life so I try to take the positive parts from the experience.

So yes, I missed my bike but I learned so much without it. So certainly this cloud had a silver lining. But I’m not sure if it applies to every cloud. I guess it depends if the glass is half full or half empty, and I’m a glass half full kind of girl 👧.

Photo by Paul Morris 


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