Horrible hair day! 

It’s windy! And my hair is a mess! I don’t normally do ponytails or braids or anything. I just let my wig sit as it is. But with the wind I’ve had to use a hair clip. That’s a bit of a problem because if I really tie it up I’ll expose my boy hair that’s underneath! Not what I want to do! 
So I’ve got my hair fairly loose. The clip is keeping most of the hair out of my face. But oh my goodness it looks very messy. Not at all how I want to look as Loretta. Now my hair generally doesn’t look like it’s been expertly done. But today? Aargh! 

I’m in the breeze waiting for the bus and my hair is being blown to bits! And to make matters a little worse I have short skirt issues with the breeze too! Oh well what can I say? It’s not like I can complain. These are definitely girl problems. So I’m just going to have to deal with it. 

Would I prefer to be a boy today so I could avoid the problem? No. Could I have worn something else? Yes. But to be honest the skirt problem is minor. It’s really the hair that’s the problem. I did go with my long wig today. I figured there would be more to tie. And there is so in that respect it worked…..just not terribly well. 

So what’s the solution? Short wig? I think I’d be showing off even more boy hair then. More practice? Yes that would help. And it’s also why I’ve been wearing my long wig these past few days. I think I have a better chance of doing a good job of tying it up…..with lots more practice. 

Or maybe I need to grin and bear it. I’m transgender. I wear a wig. It’s windy so I’m going to tie it, braid it whatever and sure that will show boy hair but it would be more bearable…..wouldn’t it? Oh I don’t know! I’m not that confrontational. Blend in, blend in…that’s always been my mantra. And as you know passing is important to me. 

Maybe the answer is headwear? Most girls, most people don’t wear hats nowadays, but maybe that’s worth investigating. Beanie? Sun hat? Cap? Hmm maybe a scarf? Oh that might work. I’ll have to investigate. 

Yes, this is part of why I blog. It gives me focus. So here’s the plan. I’m going to channel Grace Kelly! 90cm square scarf. Fold on diagonal. Then place on top if head, folded edge towards forehead, then wrap diagonal corners under chin and tie at back of neck over the other two corners. Now where’s my big sunnies? I am so going to do this. ☺️

Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m on the bus again. Don’t worry my knee is fine! However I have another cycling issue to fix. And a few day out of the saddle normally does the trick. 

Photo by Cassidy Kelley 


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