It’s GQ meeting week 

Well it’s GQ meeting this Friday and I’m excited. Well it’s supposed to be meeting week but it’s been cancelled like last month. But at at least this time we know. Hopefully they have new staff on board for next month. But it’s OK. Last month was a case of the cloud having a silver lining.

Remember I had to chase S down and then we had our own GQ meeting at the pub? Well we have been in regular contact since and it’s been really nice. And this month we’re going to go to the Friday night social instead. This has been really good as it’s given her a target to work towards.

So on the weekend I know she was out shopping, putting her outfit together for her debut. And I know she’s excited about it, and so am I. I remember my first day at work and the tension and nerves and the excitement and happiness and euphoria and the amazement that the world didn’t end. It was simply incredible.

Now that was me, and I was an old hand at wearing girls clothes. But this is oh so new for S. Buying her first outfit and planning to go to the Friday night social this week. The courage and determination of this girl, to jump right in, now that she has decided what she wants, is incredible.

I can’t imagine the emotions she must be going through with all of this. It must be ten times what I went through because it’s all happening so quickly now. Maybe a hundred times more. I mean I had years of slowly, slowly but she’s moving very quickly now. Hopefully not too fast though.

So I’m excited for Friday. I can’t wait. I’ve already picked out my dress. I had to sew it up a little. I’m modest…..I don’t want to show off my breast forms! I really should have a red and white polka dot hair bow, and some yellow shoes to go with it….and then you could call me Minnie ☺️

Minnie Ruffle dress from the iconic 


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