It’s Spring! 

It’s Spring! Time to pack away my overcoats. Well almost. I’m wearing my blush duster with my Minnie Ruffles today. But soon it will be too warm for overcoats. And that’s a shame. I’ll miss wearing layers. But I won’t miss freezing my legs off in the morning…..maybe I should wear pants sometimes?

The other bad thing about Spring is that I suffer from hayfever. Ah-choo! Actually I’ve got that under control. Some antihistamines take care of that problem. But it doesn’t solve what the hayfever does to my voice. I sound quite deep and husky. Not quite how I want to sound, as I sound a lot closer to my boy self than I want to. So attention to speaking is a key focus for me today.

And it’s Friday night social tonight. And I’m excited! Tonight S gets to be herself for the first time in the outside world. It’s one thing to be yourself at home. But to be yourself in the outside world, being able to interact with other people is just so incredibly different and fulfilling that it’s amazing!

And to think four weeks ago, I don’t think this was on her short term agenda. Yes definitely in her future but not so soon. It’s been an incredible month for her. I know she’s had highs and lows. Depending on whether things seemed possible or impossible. But this past week I sense that she thinks everything is possible! Oh I am so happy for her.

The lows have been hard by the sound of things.  She’s let her work know about being S at work, and it sounds like they are being difficult to say the least. In this age of diversity how is this possible? I guess like a lot of things the talking sounds good but the actions are bad.

Oh I feel for you girl. I get upset thinking about what you’re going through. There’s not much I can do but offer you my support and hope that you can get through this. Thankfully you have the support of the gender centre who are helping to work through the process. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

And tonight should be awesome ☺️

Photo by Chris Lu


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