Friday night debut 

Well getting together with S, for the Friday night social was a success! I managed to make it to the meeting spot with enough time go to the ladies to do a make up check. And sure enough when I made it back out, there was S waiting for me, in her new green blouse and pencil skirt. And she looked fabulous, the blouse really brought out her eyes. And best of all, she looked very happy and pleased with herself. 

And of course she was happy. First time out dressed, and there we were out at a nice pub enjoying a quiet drink on a Friday night, just two girls catching up. 

But the speed that this girl has moved at is amazing. From having no clothes to wear, to buying clothes, to then not only wear them, but also go out in them in less than a week? It took me decades to get there. And she did it in less than a week….simply unbelievable. S, you’re amazing! 

But we couldn’t hang around at the pub, we had to fit in dinner and some public transport and so it was go go go! Dinner was up the street at an Indian restaurant. Not my favourite cuisine but this one was quite good. Good enough so that I have added it to the list of Indian restaurants that I’m comfortable eating at. (Most of the time I find the spices don’t do my tummy any favours, but this one was alright.) 

We finished in time to scoot across the road to the bus. And then had just enough time to squeeze in a gelato between the first and second busses. In the end there was only just enough time as I had to run to the stop to stop the bus! But we made it, and we got to the Friday night social on time ☺️. 

As per usual, the social started out pretty slow. Have I mentioned that it’s like the country womens association, just no scones or cakes? However we did happen to snag some seats next to J and R. Thus was quite good fortune because these two girls are the last of the originals girls who started the group way back when. And as such they have a wealth of information to share with both me and S. 

There’s so much that I don’t know. And I know that there’s things that I can’t help S with. But with this group, S now has more people who can help. It was a very laid back evening, even by Friday night social standards. But that’s because they had the ball the weekend before. 

Oh don’t get me started on the ball. We have to stop running the ball because it’s losing us money every year. That time is past and we need to move on. We’re not here to compete with the formal. While we might have been first, now that someone else is doing it, we don’t have to do it and we should focus on other things. And not lose money!

I introduced S to some of the other girls there and she seemed so in her element and having a great time. It was wonderful to see. And then I found R. I hadn’t seen her since my first meeting, and I had wondered what had happened to her. It was great to catch up with her because we really hit it off at that first meeting. Anyway life had got in the way a little and then she went traveling in the outback. She was looking great. 

And then she I introduced her to S. And they hit it off too. You see R, like S and me, is a little further along the transgender spectrum. Most of the girls at the social are just interested in the clothes, but there’s a few of us that go a bit further along. And in fact the president would be right at the other end of the spectrum to most of the girls. 

It was a great evening, S got to meet some more girls and spent the night looking beautiful, as she was finally able to be the girl she is. It was all that I expected and more. It was a wonderful night!

Photo by Rachael Crowe


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