Dear, old friends

We all have old friends. And often we wonder how they will react to our “changes”. Not that they’re really changes, it’s more like our being authentic, and true to ourselves. Anyway this post is dedicated to my dear, old friend, who I haven’t seen for six years, as he lives clear across the other side of the country. 

So it turns out that he’s heading to Sydney towards the end of the year and was checking up on me on my work website. Problem is that the me he knows, doesn’t exist on the work website. So instead he found Loretta. His thoughts were, “Hey I didn’t know ‘boyname’ had a sister that age. Wait a minute ‘boyname’ is the sister!”. 

He made some discrete enquiries with a mutual friend, who incidentally I’m having lunch with today, and she set him straight. And then he started texting me

… you will always be a good friend to me no matter what. I just want you to know that!

Unconditional support, just like that, out of the blue. Oh my! That was just so wonderful, I could scarcely believe it. But of course it was believable, because my friend has always been amazing!

So thank you so much F! I treasure our friendship, and you reaching out to me like that and supporting me, absolutely touched my heart!

Of course it’s from friends! 


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