Getting the right wig

I’m on the bus this morning headed towards the city. But I’m only passing through on my way to Chiquel. I’ve had my wigs now for eight months or so and I thought I would get Tanè to have a look at them to see how they are going. And to buy my next wig. I really want to make sure I get the right wig, because if I don’t I can really look like a clown.
At the moment Raquel Welch is the front runner. A wig called “Star Quality”. This is one of the cheapest that come with a lace front and a monofilament part.

The lace front let’s you sweep the hair away from your face and still look natural. For me the objective is not so much to sweep the hair away from the face, but rather to find another way to cope with windy days.

The monofilament part makes it look like the hair is growing out of your scalp along your part. It’s not too big of a thing because I do like my current “Angelique” wig, which doesn’t have this. But it’s another step in looking authentic and natural. So that’s me worrying about passing again ☺️

I’ve been wearing my “Misha” wig a lot these past couple of weeks. I had barely worn it before this because it’s a heavier looking wig than “Angelique”. But I thought I should wear it to get a feel for the difference. It’s longer, which I quite like. But it does seem to be a little more difficult to untangle. I’m still not sure about the long fringe either and it certainly does look heavier. But because of the length I can use a hair clip and not look frazzled, unlike “Angelique” where I look very messy. I just can’t do it the way Tanè can do it so I need something simpler. The bottom line with “Misha” is that I feel like I don’t blend in as well as I do with “Angelique”.

Hmm out for breakfast at the moment and just got mis-gendered. Never a nice feeling. Oh well, it’s just a once off stop so I won’t be coming back. At least it’s nice and sunny and warm in here. And the poached eggs are nice and runny, although too much vinegar in the poaching liquid again! And there’s some really good butter for the sourdough. Maybe it’s worth coming back to? Coffee’s pretty good ☺️

Hoo boy! Good wigs aren’t cheap! The one I had my eye on was way too thin. So I’ve had to go upmarket to the tune of an extra. $100! As a once off I think it will be ok. This one is a monofilament, lace front wig. So it ticks all the boxes that I wanted. And it makes me look adorable too ☺️ Well I think so and that’s what counts.

My “Angelique’s” are showing a bit of wear. And one of them is just about at end of life 🙁 The other one still has a bit of time left in it but probably only a few months. Misha is still in good shape, not surprisingly, and she got a trim so that she doesn’t look so heavy. I think the result is good.

My new wig, “Spotlight”, I think, is a medium long wig and it has a bit of a wave to it. And this gives it that adorable quality to it. And it makes me look softer. Sadly it doesn’t come in a soft black. So it looks like I’ll be rocking a dark dark brown do. It’s also able to withstand heat so it’s more “fixable” than my other wigs. Hopefully I’ve made the right choice but I guess time will tell.

So now the expensive time is over, it’s time for bargains. I’m going back to paddy’s market to see if I can find my white scarf with red polka dots. Odds are very low, but a girl’s got to look right?

Photo by Levi Saunders


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