Sunday saw my work put on our biggest event, which involved 10,000 people on bicycles. One small part of putting on the event is security. So imagine my surprise at 4am in the morning, when I find out that the security guy this year, is the same one from last year, Simon.

Simon is a fantastic person. He has so many of the same values as my dad. And he really loves his kids, who are all grown up now. Anyway last year we spent a lot of time having a good chat as we drove around. But it wasn’t just that we got on well. He was also the best security I’ve ever had. He was so good that I just had to send an email to his work to say how great he was. Yes, he was that good!

Fast forward one year, and there he was, starting his shift half an hour early and sending the night guy home for a snooze. And there I was thinking of what to say. “Hi Simon, you were on this site last year weren’t you?”

“Yes, I was”

“Do you remember that guy that was here last year? Well that was me.”

“Wow! I really can’t tell. You look really good. You really look like a woman.”

“Well it is really dark, and with the hair and some breasts to give me some shape, what do you expect?”

And with that hurdle negotiated, Simon went on with being the best security ever. The next few hours there was no time for chit chat, but there he was making me feel safe.

Eventually it’s time for us to pack up and of course Simon is giving us a hand. It’s just the kind of guy he is. And then it’s time to go and we finally get to have a chat as we drive back to the office.

Along the way Simon goes on about how good I look, and that he certainly didn’t recognise me. I think he’s thrown a little because he’s a great security guard and he couldn’t pick me as being that guy from last year. And then he drops the bombshell, “My son, he’s like you. ”

Wow! Now that was not what I was expecting. Maybe he’s not quite getting the gender and pronouns right. But his acceptance and love for his daughter was plain to see. And that was no surprise. From my conversation with him last year I thought he was a wonderful person, and so much like my own dad.

Anyway we had another fantastic conversation this year. And I gave him my card in case his daughter wanted to chat with me. He also promised to bring her along with him next year so we could meet. And I’m really looking forward to that… Even if it is going to be at 4am in the morning.

Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo


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