Long days.

I’ve had some long days over the last month and a half. I’m really looking forward to the end of this week when hopefully things will have calmed down. There’s just been so much work to do. And then throw in the couple of odd occasions when my son was sick or not sleeping well and I haven’t been getting much rest. Yesterday just showed how exhausted I am. By 930am I was already tired and headachy and it didn’t get any better all day.
But really that’s just life right? So what’s happening in Loretta’s life? Any moving mountains? It’s hard to say that I have achieved or learned anything amazing in recent times… Work, eat, sleep repeat. OK so maybe I exaggerate. I did manage to go to counselling, and to the Gender Queer meeting. And I tried to go to the women’s group meeting….only to find out it was a late cancellation. So what did I learn? 

Well not all group facilitators are equal. K is lovely but she struggled to keep us on track the way AM did. And that’s probably because she’s new to this but I wonder how the next meeting will go. It won’t take long to find out though because the next meeting is Friday. 

It was however fantastic to catch up with S, and I got to meet E. E is such a wealth of information its amazing. After the meeting the 3 of us went to dinner as well which was really nice. S seems to be on fire with her life now which is fantastic to see. The change from where she was when I first met her, to the giant strides she’s taken to becoming who she is now is simply outstanding. I’m so, so happy for you girl! 

The women’s group meeting was such a disappointment. I cleared my afternoon especially to make it to the meeting. Only to find out when I got there that it was cancelled 😦 I did meet C though and she pleaded with me to come to the next meeting. We’ll see what we can do. Given how many hours I’ve been putting in at work, I think I might deserve the afternoon off. So I think I’m better than 50/50 chance. 
But again that’s nothing really. I don’t think that I have anything significant to say. Life is continuing on. I did get to out myself to the new membership manager. And the world didn’t end. It’s very much like my being transgender doesn’t matter….which is all I could ever want. So from a work point of view life as a transgender girl is pretty peachy keen 🙂 If only there wasn’t so much work! 

On the home front, things are good but not great. Things will never be the same between my wife and I. We still love each other and we’re still together. But it’s different and I’m scared to try and fix it. I guess in that regard I’m struggling to believe in myself.

And this is why I blog. I didn’t think I had anything big to say. And yet I do. This really is the biggest thing in my life. My relationship with my wife. And it’s kind of on hold. So thank you blog for getting me back on track.

Photo by Andalucía Andaluía 


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