I have so many clothes! 

Oh my! I seem to have built up quite a wardrobe full of clothes over the past year and a half. My poor wardrobe is much too full. It’s got lots of nice new girl clothes. Well a shelf full….and I do mean full! But there’s also my boy clothes and my bike riding clothes. So it’s very full.

I haven’t bought any clothes for a while now. Well excluding pantyhose that is. Oh and excluding that free guess t-shirt. The thing is, I’ve been consciously wearing different clothes every day for two weeks now. And I’ve realised that I could do this for a while longer still. 

So I’ve decided that I’m going to wear a different outfit every working day of November. And I mean not wearing the same piece of clothing twice. This doesn’t include undies…. I might have enough knickers but I certainly don’t have enough bras or pantyhose. Hmmm I might go close to making it in shoes but I’ve already worn a couple of pairs at least twice. 

So I know it’s do-able. A quick count says there’s 3 pairs of jeans, 4 short skirts, 3 midi skirts, and 2 dresses that I haven’t worn in the past two weeks. So if I can find some matching tops then that’s 12 more outfits. That gets me to the 28th….hmm looks like I might be wearing shorts for a couple of days. I can do this!


OK so I’m 3 weeks in… So far 16 different outfits (well a girl has to go out sometimes right?) …. But 2 of those days were in October! However I’m going to challenge myself, so I’m not going to wear those two outfits in November….no matter how much I want to be Belle again!

Now it’s getting tricky. I’m getting down to pieces that I don’t like as much / haven’t worn much. But I have to if I’m going to wear something different every day. A check of my wardrobe shows that I can make another 10 days….but that means dipping into like a black pleated skirt I don’t like. And a black dress that I have never worn to work. It’s actually the oldest dress I have. But I’m worried it’s a little too short ….even if it does have a work look about it.

So  I’m confident of making it to the end of November…in fact to first December. Question is… Do I really push myself and go another week? That will bring in pants I haven’t worn, leggings, a dress that I put in the “I dont think so”  bag, along with a couple of pairs of shorts which might not really be work wear. I won’t go any further though…. I want to be nicely dressed for the AGM! TBC.


So it’s on! I’m going to keep on going until 8th December. I actually did wear my old LBD. I didn’t realise that it’s so old that it’s a little bit see through….hmm not sure I’m going there again. And I’ve figured out the schedule. Two more weeks, each week will be short skirt, midi skirt, pants, shorts and a dress. I even have a backup dress that I pulled out of the I don’t know pile 🙂

Some of these clothes have never been worn. Tried on yes, but never actually worn out of the house. It’s not that they’re too revealing or anything like that. It’s that I haven’t had the confidence to wear them. And then you know how it is. You just keep on wearing your favourites. 

And then there are the clothes that I’d really like to wear. But sadly I got the shape all wrong and still bought it. Like  my red long sleeve Henley with the gold sparkle. Oh I how I love the colour and the look. I’d wear it all the time if it weren’t for one thing….  It really shows that my boobs are fake 😦 And you know how much passing is important to me? When I wear that, I don’t pass. 

But I have new hope for pieces that I haven’t worn. That long sleeve black floral crop? I think it will work with either of my  blue or black high waist jeans. But it’s too warm for that combination! Even my red dress yesterday was a little too warm….and that’s cut as low as I can get away with and the hem is as high as I’m comfortable with! It must be because of the lining…..and because I always wear pantyhose. Well they make my legs look good! Sigh! Girl…I’m definitely a 👧! 

So the next couple of weeks will be interesting as I get to the bottom of the pile. This week I saw the retirement of my old LBD, I think. It’s too see through now! But it also found me wearing some really nice short shorts that I might just start including in the rotation. However I’m really struggling to include some of my crop t-shirts that I used to wear all the time.

Tomorrow it’s back on the bus and train  for me. My bike’s brakes are a little dodgy so it’s staying in the garage until I get some new brake pads. So that means that my clothes for the week need to be fit for public transport. I’d rather avoid any unwanted attention on the bus and train so I tend to dress more conservatively. But right now choices are limited! But that’s OK because I’m up for the challenge!

Photo by Shanna Camilleri 


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