Thirty two outfits later 

Thirty two outfits later and I have gone as far as I can go. I haven’t used any pieces of clothing more than once, knickers, bras and hose excluded. I have two more possible outfits, a lacey, white figure hugging dress, which I’m not sure where I would wear it. And a pair of white shorts with black pinstripes which should work with one of my t-shirts.

But with the AGM on Monday night I don’t think I will wear either of those outfits. So I have come to the end of my challenge to wear different outfits for as long as I can. 

It’s been a really good experience. I’ve discovered a confidence to wear clothing that I hadn’t before. I found clothes that I will never wear and that need to be donated (not many, phew!). I found clothes that I haven’t worn and really liked. And I found that I should never, never, never wear a button shirt with pants, because it makes me feel like a boy. 

Why? It didn’t matter that the shirt was definitely a girl’s blouse. It was shaped and translucent. I teamed this with black “parachute” pants. Definitely girl pants, they were cropped. Not Capri length though. With my bright floral stilettos it was most definitely a girl outfit. And one of my work colleagues said it was elegant. So why did I feel like a boy wearing it?

I think it was the combination. Essentially I was wearing shirt and pants. A combination I’ve worn thousands of times in my boy life. Even though the clothes were softer, girlier, and prettier. Putting them together was too much of a reminder of being a boy. I think I might be able to wear either of those pieces with something else. But together they say boy to me. Maybe the pants with my black floral crop? Maybe the blouse with my skinny blue jeans…or my flirty black shorts. Anything so long as they’re not together. 

So what did I wear first time back from my challenge? Does my bum look big? Yes I wore that dress from the photo shoot. It seemed appropriate seeing it was the AGM and my bum, in that dress is featuring prominently in our campaigns. And tomorrow I’ll will definitely be one of my favourite spring skirts. 

Ah skirts! I love my skirts! It’s so wonderful to be able to wear them. But until now I’ve always worn them with the armour of pantyhose. Now it’s too hot for pantyhose so I’ve taken the step of going bare-legged and it’s been just heavenly

Now I don’t have the best looking pins. They’ve suffered a bit of damage from kicking too many bicycle pedals. But because I ride a lot, they’re in good shape 🙂 So wearing pantyhose makes my legs look much better. And pantyhose somehow makes me feel a little less….exposed? Then there’s the added benefit that pantyhose helps keep me looking flat where I need to look flat😱

So no pantyhose, feeling exposed? And then there’s shoes! And I pretty much wear my pantyhose with all my shoes. Courts, pumps, flats, sandals, ankle boots. But now without pantyhose…hmm I better pack my boots away. But I love my boots! Especially when I’m out and about, because they’re so comfortable and easy to walk in. Looks like I better break out the short skinny socks!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez


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