Oh! I think I’m a girl! 

I never wanted to come to this conclusion. It has too many ramifications for my life as a husband and a father. But the​ thing is, it’s quite possibly true. 

The past couple of weekends I have suffered a bit more than usual from gender dysphoria. The last weekend more than I’ve ever known. I think it’s because holidays are coming up so Loretta won’t be around much. And I will desperately miss being her. 

Tuesday was the work Christmas drinks at the Opera bar. And there’s me, checking out the girls and wondering if they would mind me taking their dresses off so that I could wear them!

On Thursday I did manage to get to Christmas wonderland after all. I knew it wasn’t going to be very good, but I really wanted to go ice skating! The ice rink was small and bumpy but at least it wasn’t wet. It was chockablock full of little kids who couldn’t skate. So it wasn’t the best skating experience but I’ve never been skating as Loretta before and I was desperate to go. 

There’s a whole heap of little things like this that I desperately want to experience as Loretta. I’m not sure why. I’m guessing it’s all part and parcel of her wanting to be out and about, experiencing life. 

Photo by Giulia Bertelli



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