Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year! 

So I’m a Sydney girl through and through. And this year my son is old enough that he wanted to really go and see the fireworks. So we decided that he was old enough that he would be able to withstand the crowds and the wait….. But we’re not watching the midnight fireworks. We’re going to the 9pm edition.

So here we are down by Bradfield Park. Well actually on the street…. Kirribilli Avenue to be exact. Picnic blankets and people all over the place. But everyone is cool and it’s a happy atmosphere. And we’re pretty lucky we’re up on this little hill. The park itself looks like chaos. At least we have a little bit of room here. We are set up next to the “path” where people are walking up and down. But people are patient and nice about it. 

So far everything has gone like clockwork. We found a parking spot not too far from the train station. Managed to get some takeaway for dinner. I wasn’t too happy about it but my son was ecstatic, so I’ll let you figure out what the takeaway was. We even got seats on the train. And now we’ve settled in on our picnic blanket and had dinner and we even have time to play the game of life and the minecraft card game. Who would have thought that it would be so good? And we also got to see some amazing aerobatics from some crazy pilot 

At 8.40pm we get our first burst of fireworks. Everyone jumps to their feet to see what’s going on. But it’s only a quick burst and it stops. Five minutes later we get another quick burst of different fireworks, and everyone is up again. This is a good thing because my son had been lying down and now he’s up.

Things settle down again, and before you know it…. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, ONE! And the sky is filled with 🎇 It’s wonderful to be here with my family, down by the harbour, enjoying the nye fireworks. It’s a really great atmosphere and everyone is happy and in good spirits and the thousands of people who are here with us are so well behaved. It really makes for a perfect night.

And when the show is over, my son is happy to go home. He’d really like to see the midnight version but he knows he’s not ready to stay out that late yet. In fact he’s the one who says, “let’s go home now”

And then we start the long trek home. First we have to get out of the little street we were on. This is the hardest part. Some people are staying for midnight fireworks. Some of us are going home and some people are trying to get in to claim the spots being vacated. Result? Gridlock! Eventually we get out of the street and head up the hill.

We head back to the train station following the river of people flowing up the hill. So many people that my son describes it as a, “people road”. We follow the crush up the stairs to the platform and lo and behold a train arrives as we get there. We hop on…..and find seats! And then we’re away. The journey going home is even better than clockwork. Less than an hour after the last fireworks we’re home!

It was a great evening and my son wants to do it again next year. And we got home in plenty of time to see midnight fireworks on TV and they were spectacular! Maybe one year we’ll see it live. But my son says not next year…but who knows?

Happy New Year! 

Photo by me!



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