Why do high heels give me a lift? 

There’s nothing like the feeling of slipping on a pretty pair of 👠. I’m sure that a lot of girls feel this way. But why is that? I mean they’re not that comfortable after a while. But they certainly give me a lift, and I don’t mean my height.

Yes they make me “taller” but that’s not the thing. I wouldn’t mind being shorter so that I could blend in a little more! Is it because they’re unmistakably feminine? Well they definitely are so that is a possibility.

So maybe it’s that instant connection with my femininity when I slip on a pair of heels. But shouldn’t it be the same with other feminine items? Bras, pantyhose, skirts, spaghetti strap tops? Somehow it’s not quite the same “lift” as a pretty pair of heels.

Putting my boobs on probably comes second to a pretty pair of heels. Hmmm or maybe my wig is second? But really the “lift” is remarkably different. Putting my boobs on is a “Hi girls!” moment. Putting on my wig is a “Hi gorgeous!” moment. Putting on my pretty heels evokes neither of these feelings.

So how do I feel? They make me feel good about myself. They give me confidence. They make me feel feminine and a little bit sexy! The heels pictured above are my favourite, and feel so me, that slipping them is an instant connection to Loretta. And they give me the biggest boost of all my heels.

Flats don’t have the same effect for me. Although maybe I haven’t found the right pair yet. Maybe those white floral ballet flats would have that special feeling, but sadly I couldn’t find them in my size.

I guess if I really want to know if 👠 are what gives me a lift or perhaps just pretty shoes, I guess I’ll have to buy a whole heap more shoes! 😂

Photo from NineWest


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