The missing month

So I’m back! Last month was a write off for my blog. I just could not finish any piece that I started. I’m still not sure why I was so stuck but I was. But it’s a new month and who knows what I’ll get up to.

The first thing I know is that this bus is cold! Early morning, quite nice outside but with the aircon on its a bit brrrr! Special trip to the city this morning. It’s Gear up Girl week and there’s much too much to do. My stationers have let me down and so it’s off to officeworks to pick up some small labels that we must have this morning.

So why am I cold? Black miniskirt, guess t-shirt and my black ankle boots. Good for a warm day but not for a cold bus. Good thing I have my wig to keep my head warm.

My wig! I haven’t told you about my new (well not as new anymore) wig. I found this one at Amazon. And it was cheap. And it was lace front, mono part – ready to wear. And it was off black! It absolutely ticked all the boxes!

To be honest it’s not going to last a long long time but none of the wigs I’ve had so far had great longevity. And they all cost about triple this one or more. And for the features this wig has, the only other wig I have like this, cost five times the price! So I’m happy, very happy. So happy I’ve already bought two more!

But what does it look like? Well my style up until now has been fairly straight, shoulder length or a little longer. This one is still shoulder length but has some wave and curl to it. It parts on the left and often covers my right eye, so that I have to flick it out of the way. Do I mind? No it’s quite cute and feminine. It almost has this fifties feel to it. And I really feel good wearing it.

Sadly this seems to be a “runout” wig so it’s not a permanent solution. But it’s good and cheap for now….. Being a girl is certainly not cheap! Thank goodness I love being a girl.

Photo from the wig outlet


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