My new skort

I bought a skort! From one of my fave shops – The Iconic. It was on sale, on sale, so I double dipped for a really good price. White and lined it seemed like a great deal. And besides I think they’re a great idea. Looks like a skirt with the practicality of shorts πŸ™‚

It’s part of my new plan to only get clothes that I can ride my bike in. Pencil skirts just don’t make the cut anymore. But this skort ticks all the boxes:

Can ride in it βœ…

It’s cute βœ…

Makes my legs look great βœ…

Matches almost everything βœ…

What’s not to love about it? Well it’s all good in theory but how did I go wearing it today? It was easy to coordinate with a top and shoes. It was very comfortable, and I could ride in it. All the girls at work thought it was cute. Not sure what the boys thought though.

So off I went to collect the mail, on my bike of course. Through the park, past the facilities where a few cyclists had stopped….and they then all stopped to watch me ride around the corner. Hmmmm I wonder what that was about?

Across the bridge up the street to head for the tunnel under the rail line, where another cyclist on a tandem, no stoker, asks me, “Are you lost?” huh? I’m just riding my bike, do I look lost? Or was that a line to start a conversation?

The tunnel under the rail line is skinny so I wait for the people coming the other way to come out before I ride in. They’re all from the furniture makers coming back from a cuppa. And to a man they all stare at my legs as they go past!

They’ve all seen me before as I’m often out collecting the mail when they’re out for a cuppa. Oh they’ve looked at me before……but not like this! I’m starting to get the feeling that this skort is a little bit more than just cute.

In the afternoon I had to ride over to the social club to pick up mail from them. There’s lots of cars around because the Easter show starts this Friday. By the time I get back I score two toots and one whistle.

So while the boys at work haven’t said anything about my skort. The boys outside have spoken loud and clear. My new skort is smoking HOTπŸ”₯

To put this in perspective I have skirts tighter than this. Skirts shorter than this. I have daisy dukes that really show off ALL of my legs. But none of them come close to getting the reaction that this cute skort does!

Who would have thought that the hottest piece of clothing I would own would be an $18 plain white skort? πŸ™‚

Photo of Shona skort from The Iconic

Update: Friday 13th

It still works! Waiting for the bus wearing exactly the same outfit resulted in a toot and a wave. Maybe it’s the combination of my salmon top with white stripes and coral mules that makes this outfit tootable?


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