Oh-oh! I’ve discovered blush. Just when I thought that I had finished my makeup routine I added another step….blush. It doesn’t take long at all to add blush, but where does it all end? Well I guess it hasn’t ended because now I’ve got the eyebrow brush out. Maybe that’s the stopping point?

Of course I’m only doing day makeup so there’s always the possibility that I could learn night makeup? But I can’t see that I would use it often or at all, and there’s very little time for practising too.

So what is my routine now? Moisturiser, teal or sapphire eye liner, waterproof mascara, tan liquid foundation, nude lip liner, coy lip balm, pink blush and a dark brown eyebrow liner. 15 minutes or thereabouts.

I don’t think I’ll get into the whole highlighting and contouring thing. I don’t think I have the confidence or the time to dedicate to that. Throw in a wig, breastforms and just getting dressed and it’s already takes 30 minutes to get Loretta to appear.

Hey I’m not complaining though. It takes a bit of time for me to bring Loretta out. The good news is that Loretta gets to be around a lot! And I think I’ve got the routine down…… I think?

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor


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