Next queer agenda meeting?

It’s been a long time since my last meeting. I think it was back in November. There was no meeting in December, I was on holiday in January. In February it was Chinese new year. And this month I’m sick, so I’m unlikely to go this Friday. Most likely I won’t get to go until April….a full 6 months since my last meeting.

I miss these meetings and hearing about how others are doing. I think I would miss counselling more but fortunately I haven’t missed any of those.

There’s something to be said about connecting with your peers. To know that there are people like you with similar struggles. To know that you’re not alone.

I’m different to most people. I know I am. Being bigender I’m also different to most people under the transgender umbrella too. But we face the same issues….even if the issues seem to begin with toilets.

I’ve given up on the women’s group meetings though. The timing is awful. And the only reason to go is the possibility of a voice coach coming in to give us some tips. However the facilitator has said that it’s still very difficult to get them to commit to a time đŸ˜¦

I’ve also given up on the Friday night social too. They’re really not on the same page that I am. And it’s not like there’s any structured discussions to help us. It’s really just a place to get dressed up and socialise, which is not really what I’m interested in. So sadly I won’t be renewing membership with them this year.

Hopefully I’ll get to the April meeting. I really miss them!

Photo by Omar Lopez


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