Sixth sense

It’s funny how sixth sense works. Why is it that you can pick up….vibes, that things are or aren’t going to go well?

My spidey senses were tingling this morning. After seeing the doc on Friday I needed to do some blood tests so I thought I would get them done as soon as I could. I timed it so I was there 15 minutes before they opened so I had the best chance of getting to work at a reasonable time. Even then I was second in the queue.

When the door opened I picked up some immediate vibes from the receptionist which told me things weren’t going to go perfectly. I picked up queuing number 2 and took a seat.

To try and make things run a little smoother, I had stuck a post it note on my pathology form next to my name and not covering any other details. It said, “Hi there, I’m transgender. Please call me Loretta.”

After a little while she called my number and I gave her my form and my Medicare card. She looked at the form, took the post it note off and asked “Is this yours?” She hadn’t even read it! I guess the vibes I was picking up were not malicious vibes, just vibes that suggested they might not be able to adjust to out of the usual.

I replied, “That’s me.” Then she read it, and reattached it way down the bottom. We went through the usual pathology questions about fasting etc. Then she handed back my card and said, “Thanks ‘boyname’ please have a seat.” She wasn’t malicious and she wasn’t speaking very loudly so most people in the room probably didn’t notice. But it’s not that hard is it? Especially when I stuck a note on there?

The first patient is called and then I see the second nurse come out to collect, hopefully, me. I immediately have good vibes about her. It’s not that I’m actively assessing her it’s just the feeling I get. And then she asks for, “Loretta?”

She read my note 🙂 and I’m happy. The blood taking is a breeze. And she’s very nice. She does ask me if I’m planning to change my name. There’s not enough time to explain so I tell her, “I’m not sure.” And I thank her for reading my note. She said that it’s actually quite common and not to worry about it.

I finished up earlier than expected. I have a chance to get the earlier bus, but I need to cross the road and walk 250 metres to the stop. The lights take forever, I get across and then spidey sense says run! I do.

Fortunately I can see someone at the stop. And I can see that they see the bus. I turn and see the bus, and I wave at the driver. I’m 70 metres away when the bus stops. The lady that’s at the stop takes her time getting on, making sure that I can get there before the driver closes the door. I make it, and I thank the driver but I can see he’s not happy. I suspect that without the other lady helping me out he would not have waited. I then thank her as well.

Sixth sense. Why do we have it? What triggers it? I don’t know but my antennae were certainly working well this morning.

Photo by Volker Schnäbele


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