Working alone

Today everyone at work has the day off….except me. That’s OK we have an extra day off because we all worked one weekend. I postponed my day off so that I could spend it with family during the school holidays. So today I’m at work alone. As a result I thought I would wear something a little more daring. I mean no one else will be there to see…..right? And I’ve been wanting to try this outfit for a long time.

So today I’m a guess girl. Short flirty black shorts, my peach mules and a body hugging top that has 3/4 sleeves and a black mesh panel above my breasts. You can see my bra straps but there’s nothing I can do about that. Its a black top with a red rose pattern. The length of my shorts, the tightness of my top and the black mesh, the peach ruffle mules all scream girl. Not just any girl, but a sexy girl.

And that’s OK because it’s just me today so I’m not uncomfortable nor self-conscious. It’s actually good to be at work by myself…no distractions. And I can get a lot done. And I can wear something a little more risqué!

I’ve worked up a storm by mid-morning when I have visitors! Apparently we have a plumbing issue at the kitchen sink. That’s news to me, but in the back of my mind one of the girls did say something?

Anyway I have two plumbers working on the issue who are very keen to keep me informed about what’s going on. And to see if there is anything else that needs looking at. In fact they want to discuss any aspect of plumbing they can. I’m not sure if it’s because they don’t want to go back out into the heat…..or if they just want to keep talking to the pretty girl. They do seem to be smiling at me a lot.

Finally they leave and I can concentrate on work……until my phone rings. It’s Rocky from Telstra. He’s investigating our line fault and has finished checking outside….without success. So he needs to come visit the office. Great! So much for there being no one to see!

Also being from telstra, he had asked for me by my legal name, as the representative of my work. So I explain to him that I don’t actually sound like a boy, and I certainly don’t look like a boy so he’ll find some girl called Loretta here when he arrives. He says that’s perfectly fine and he’ll see me in 20.

And he and his colleague arrive in 20. A couple of really nice older guys. They take the time to listen and understand what’s going on and then go about trying to solve the problem. They try all kinds of things without success. But they narrow it down to a tree root problem between the pit and our office. This will require a major crew to come and recable our telephone connection!

We chatted about this and that while they were here. Including why I told him I was transgender. He asks why I hadn’t transitioned to being a transgender woman full time. I tell him I’m married and have a wife and child. He and his colleague look quite shocked about that. But before I can tell them about what it means to be bigender, my phone rings and it’s the boss, and they have to move on to their next job anyway.

Despite not being as alone as I thought I would be. And given that I was wearing something a little bit more…..adventurous, I was surprised at how comfortable I was with my outfit even though I wasn’t sure that I was ready to wear it in front of general public. In fact I was very comfortable. I guess I’m just comfortable being me?

Photo by Felipe Lulz


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